RA’TA’U’NA of the 9th Solar Sheath

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In a 2006 Numis’OM article I wrote about the Nine Solar Sheaths which incorporate the eventual hologram of the Pure Gem Body. The 9th Sheath is the PO’POI’PAH. At this time in 2012 we are working within the incoporating Light field of this 9th sheath. The passage of incorporation or embrace of the Light Chord of a solar sheath is the RA’TA’U’NA, meaning the “the embrace of the Light Chord is upon us.” In actuality, RA’TA’U’NA the wave form of the solar pulse (of our galaxy).

I was asked to now move into a new vibration of my NAME. As you might remember nearly 2 years ago I was given to add “Alaula Kamala” to my name – and stated it would be temporary, until I had brought those frequencies into my being. Apparently now has come the time for a new Naming… adding instead Kyi’RA  (Maia Kyi’RA Nartoomid). How long the “Kyi’RA” will continue I don’t yet know. After I received this, I recalled that Simeon (my former husband and Kindred) had not long ago told me I was in the Temple of La’Kina with him and others of the Blue Star Family. All had the last name of “RA” – he told me the first part of the name he had received for me, but the one given to me today is different. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa states this is because “Kyi” is the vibration of my specific embrace by the 9th Solar Sheath (all on the planet are being embraced by this sheath now – although each “state of being” within it will reflect differently for the individual).

I realize that there is so much going on as we inter-face with the Universal Being that we sometimes feel overwhelmed with it all, However it is important to simply stay focused on the CORE HEART RESONANCE and let it all move into and through you like a liquid golden stream.

For me…I am witnessing at this moment the stream of the 9th Solar Sheath as it takes me into RA’TA’U’NA wave-form.

Here is my energy-art of the 9th Sheath as it is embraced into the RA’TA’U’NA.

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