Timewalkers & 2012

Lemurian Timewalker, art by Maia

The garden was small…more an outdoor area with a mud brick patio and some flowers and small trees about…a modest wall encompassing it and the back of the house. A young girl sat at a table in the garden, with her father and her grown brother…and an older gentleman. He was not of the family but a close friend. He was discussing with this family something of importance to do with the future of the planet.

The location of this scene was Jerusalem in the 8th Century BC. I was the young girl. This was my vision. I had seen the garden before through the years – fleeting glimpses – never being able place it into any context until now.

As I watched this scene unfold I knew – I knew in an instant a great deal about it. More than I could think about in a sequential order. It simply was install as a whole cloth into my mind.

Several years ago my Inner mentor, ThothHorRa had told me about what he calls “Timewalkers” originating in Mu (Lemuria). He did not go much detail.

August, 2004:

Thoth has revealed to me that there are a gathering of beings, once incarnated as a group in Lemuria who have come together again in the inner earth and are at this time assisting in the process of the building and evolving phi geometries into the crystalline ‘phi gems.’ In the age when these beings were incarnate on Lemuria, they took within their energy bodies the light codes of this future program through a process of genetic time travel. We shall call this group of souls the Phi’Ra‘Im. This could be translated as “the golden mean (phi) of the solar chord.” In the past of Lemuria, the Phi’Ra’Im opened the gate of time in a specific manner within their genetic codes so that the illusion of separate realities (ie: past, present and future in this instance) was replaced by direct awareness of all points along the time line, and thus could ‘be there’ at any point in the time line they wished to enter. This type of time travel does not cause a Lemurian to suddenly appear on the sidewalks of 21st century New York. It instead removes of barriers of perception in the mind and magnetic barriers within the brain. However, it begins in the DNA. All of these factors trigger in proper sequence to allow the Phi’Ra’Im to be aware of their presence in any point on the time line (in this instance, specifically on earth). They are not inserting themselves in another time…they are simply traveling through the genetic code to the point where they already ARE there. This can be accomplished even if they did not have a current incarnation in the time node, since the genetic strands in their bodies continually move through time and space. I stress the time traveling aspect of the Phi’Ra’Im, as they use this modality to ‘be’ in the inner earth AND in Lemuria AND in the future New Earth Star–and they are able to hold these nodes simultaneously. This is not a great feat for Illumined Beings. Certainly Thoth and the Merkabah of the Host (which includes him) have expanded realities that encompass all of the earth’s time line and more. Yet the Phi’Ra’Im utilize this ability in a specific manner for a specific purpose–that of anchoring a field of resonance between these three nodes into which the liquid fire of the phi geometries are poured to create phi gems of greater and greater ‘faceting’ or geometric points in symmetry, which in turn send signals to the Amatrix Crystal Beings, drawing them into the vibrational field of the phi gems.

Now, in 2012 when I had the vision of the girl in the garden I really understood so much better…

The Timewalkers incarnate like we do..all along the timeline of this planet. The “body soul” of the Timewalker is not conscious that they are a Timewalker until the higher being soul triggers this perception by focusing from the point of the “beginning”, ie Lemurian portal to that specific point on their incarnational line. So there are at least two souls consistently layered with the Timewalkers: the body soul anchoring and sustaining the incarnation and a higher more evolved Illumined soul that is “quiet” until the “message” of activation is received from the source point – the Lemurian portal. When this occurs, the body soul becomes “quiet” (largely unconscious) and the Illumined soul animates and acts through the body. This is a cooperative effort by BOTH souls who agreed at the point of origin to incarnate together and interact in this manner. Once the task at hand is accomplished by the Timewalker, the body soul resumes its hold on the body and has no real conscious memory of any interruption in it’s presence therein.

What then, is the mission of the Timewalkers?  In the 2004 transmission it was stated: (The Timewalkers)”…have come together again in the inner earth and are at this time assisting in the process of the building and evolving phi geometries into the crystalline phi gems.”

That really doesn’t tell us much. So I requested from THR a little more understanding of the Timewalker’s directive.

THR: It is an expansive topic as it takes in many aspects of universal law and the “story” of the human race on planet Earth. We will however, give you here an abbreviated outline.

The Guardians of this Earth (who are called Illuminaries, Ascended Masters and beyond to Angels and Elohim) work in concert with Universal Law, which is an Intelligence of Source. “Law” in it’s universal state is not a set of dictum but a Living Presence with specific programs of activity, designed by Source to create and perpetuate creation in an orderly fashion. Within this modality, even chaos is a form of order in that it interfaces with bursts of creative energy which is chaotic in the instant but out of which order is formed.

Within the Universal Law is the principle of non-interference in the process of evolution of a species. Even the Holocaust which was an extreme example of such interference will be balanced in the larger scheme of things…it is a chaotic soup from which order will arise. So there have been and will be atrocities in the worlds of thought and being which are oppositional to the Code of Love exuding from all Creation. Yet these are flashes in time…electrical charges released in chaotic moments – mil-seconds in the vast eternality of the Universe. These charges will be reclaimed in Light as they ignite fire within the Divine EYE of God.

Those Beings who are aware of and therefor abide by the Principles of LOVE in the Universe create no “sparks” but instead burn a steady flame. They understand how to interface with their Universal Brethren and other species in a way that aids the discovery within the “Other” of their own divinity and purpose. If one being comes to another and extends their hand to them and says “Help me” – they will receive a tender but strong touch and will be helped – indeed they will. It may not always be how they expect it or their lesser selves wish it, but the greater good for the evolution of their soul will be offered a boost – an infusion at that moment. The key to this “help” is that it was requested and also that it was not something that done for them in entirety…the one seeking help has to be involved in the process of receiving help.

When we speak of the “Illumined” who share incarnation with more “ordinary” body souls in the Earth, within the mission of the Timewalkers – these Illumined have come to integrate with the Earth…they incarnate into it and hold a charge for this planet as do you and your neighbor next door. The difference is that they are not OF the Earth, this is why the body soul is needed to facilitate the perfect union in this incarnational process.

The Timewalker’s work with the crystalline phi energies of the planet and the sacred geometries of the planetary matrix. In doing so, they are given knowledge as to exactly when, where and how to interact with TIME…and thus to change things within the Timeline of Earth. These “changes” are in accord with Universal Law – the Living Presence of Source.

Even the Ultra-terrestrials may not do this…tho Kindred to humanity they are not in a cosmic position to move past the barrier and make actual changes in the Earth’s Timeline….not unless they choose to be oppositional to the circuitry of Space-Time which can cause major anomalies on and in the planet.

The Timewalkers are a specific breed – two souls face-matched, incarnating repeatedly within human DNA to insert these very deliberate and specific changes in the Timeline. All humans are constantly changing the Timeline…but largely unconsciously to meet their own everyday needs, desires and purposes. The Timewalkers can touch into any point on their extensive Earth Timeline and evaluate the result of an insertion before it is made. How can this be? Well time is not a straight path, There is a main “path” with many offshoots to it. One may simply think “what if I did this or that” and a phantom offshoot is created. Timewalkers can insert the “what if” and then follow the phantom to it’s conclusion. Even so, it is not quite so simple, as “shift happens” and other minds often con volute even the phantom testing. Yet the Timewalkers have a right to be here and do what they do…as they are part of the humanity of Earth in their own unique way.

We speak here for but a moment on the extra-terrestrial involvement on Earth and with it’s humanity….most specifically the Nephilim-encoded Greys, who are a species created by the Niphilim working contrary to Universal Law (again in the “moment” as such opposition is always brought into balance). They interfere directly with the human race for for sake of their genetic science. The Guardians of Earth do not simply stop this interference, as originally Earth’s humanity willingly engaged it – for the promise of super powers. Once such an agreement is entered, the Guardians must allow humanity to come to find their own way out. They have and continue to give them assistance in this regard.

Now in the Master Year of 2012, the work of the Timewalkers is accelerating. One project which began a decade ago and will now enter a new stage of activity, is interfacing with Ultras and “ordinary” human in their astral bodies (the humans) as they (the humans) interface with Crop Circles as Living Ideations…opening this awareness into the DNA of humanity at large.

“Ideation” is the process of creating ideas…however used in the context given here it is expanded to mean that as the Crop Circles are viewed and walked within, photographed, drawn, etc…as all forms of interaction between humans and these pictographs take place – dimensional thought begins to develop between the human and the pictograph, and from this dimensional thought-experience, the creation of new “ideal” (from ideas) realms are brought forth. (conclusion of Thoth transmission)

Back to the garden in Jerusalem…

The older gentleman was an awakened Timewalker. He had visited his incarnation in the time period before. The family, along with the young girl (perhaps 13 years of age) were not Timewalkers but you might say “assistants” – for they understood what the gentleman was about – his purpose in their midst – and they were helping him to carry forth with that particular task.

He was Greek. He would go back to Greece and then release the body soul into consciousness once again and the “Illumined” would recede behind the veil…until the next such event. The family in Jerusalem however, not being Timewalkers would retain memory of what happened and look forward to meeting with their Timewalking friend again in the near future.

Thoth has shown me how more and more people can become a part of holding Ideation templates in their consciousness – pictographs / mandalas – which will become the new phase of Crop Circles for creating new imaging levels or realms of being like a stairway into the New Earth Star. The Timewalkers will greatly assist us in this process.

ThothHorRa stresses to me that Age of SPIRIT is fast closing upon us. All barriers will be removed – no secrets kept. The whole world system which is based on covert operation will then crumble. It will seem chaotic as this occurs but out of the dust will arise a PILLAR OF LIGHT – a Beacon in the Wilderness and truly then – TRULY – the “New Age” will be upon us!

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10 thoughts on “Timewalkers & 2012

  1. Hello Maia, and thank you for your information. I have a few questions regarding the merging of the two souls…..when the higher soul enters the lower soul and then leaves after completing the mission….what happens to the lower soul? If somebody “uses” your body for a while, doesn’t that leave you with a feeling of being a zombie? It would leave you not knowing what happened to you for a certain time (like victims of abduction), with a feeling that you “lost” part of your life. Or is this made when the lower soul is sleeping (dream state, at nights)?. I ask this because imagine: I suddenly find out I am a Timewalker in the sense that I am the “lower” soul preparing the body for the higher soul. I would feel like I have no purpose of my own, except that of being a recipient, a “modem” or transmitter. That would not be a very nice thing, so I can consciously block my “Timewalking” potential because what’s the point of me evolving in this life to be a Timewalker if I won’t remember the experience consciously, anyways? What’s the whole point of being somebody else’s “body”? I apologize of you find my questions rather “pessimistic”, but I truly don’t understand how two souls can merge and yet the “lower” soul can learn something from that experience.
    The second thing that I would like to know is, according to your insights, can a human from this dimension aspire to become a Timewalker? Or how does it work? Only beings from a higher dimension can “sail” through the Timeline?

  2. Thanks for the link Maia. I didn’t quite understand why you had posted that link, but then I read it carefully and I understood some things, but I still had questions. And today, a few hours ago, I finally understood what was worrying me the most, and (maybe I’m crazy) felt like the answer was sent to me directly by three beings: Thoth, the same Thoth that speaks with you, another male being who calls himself Alariel or Halariel, something like that, and Virgin Mary.

    You see, I’m going through a very rough period of spiritual awakening. I’ll probably send you an e-mail later, because I actually would like to ask for your advice (and I also want to share with you the story of how I believe that these 3 beings send me subtle messages, signals, teachings, etc). Right now, related to this post, all I can tell you is that I was extremely anxious and worried by the information I read here, and today it all became clear in the simplest way ever. I was amazed, because I was looking for a very complex answer, but the real answer (not the answer that I wanted to hear) was given to me by a simple-minded, sweet 80-year old woman who shared with me her opinion about life in a way that was not “metaphysical” or technical at all. And yet, I can honestly tell you she talked like an Illumined Master, at least in our dimension. And as I understood her message, I felt it was this woman, but also these beings. I cried because I had felt so anxious, and I could feel a warmth in my heart, and I felt Virgin Mary comforting me. It was a really sweet experience and she is an amazing and beautiful motherly spirit. I don’t feel lonely anymore because I know she takes care of me.

    In summary, I am beginning to understand the role of the Timewalkers encompasses so much more than simply “traveling through time”. The way I am beginning to understand it, it is not a “race” of people. It is a level of consciousness. A Timewalker is not himself, he is not exactly an individual, for he keeps within his memory the memories and longings of others. A Timewalker’s science is not so much about complex time-traveling techniques, as it is about expanding their ability to love without any conditions and expand their beings to “feel” and learn from very different, even opposing forces.

    What you said about two souls making a “deal” to work together, the way I understand it, it’s that both of them know it is a hard reincarnation, because the higher soul has to experience and love the lower world, and the lower soul has to experience the higher realm and yet, he is still living in a material world. The two souls become one consciousness. I don’t know how to explain that, but I understood it today. One consciousness with very opposing tendencies and impulses. That is the hardest thing ever, and yet, one of the most rewarding experiences. The lower soul might feel confused, might even develop hate or insecurity towards his materiality, but in the end, it is all with the purpose of allowing the consciousness formed by both souls to expand to a “new octave of being”.

    You know? I have always wondered what Immortality would feel like, because I have had the feeling that I will live for a very long time (more than 100 years, much more). I just feel it. I feel a very deep connection with the Time Mysteries, and a strong need to become a Timetraveler of some type, but like I told you, I am beginning to understand is so much more than simply flying on a “magical spaceship” to the past. It’s more about traveling inside my own soul.

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