The Return of the Blue Star – 2012 and Beyond

Return of the Blue Star - art by Maia

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My inner planes mentor ThothHorRa speaks of the year 2012 as a “Master Year.” It is the entry point into a true “New Age” or Epoch of planetary and human transformation. We have been dancing on the cutting edge for some time now. Yet with 2012 we come to the tip of the blade where the point transforms into a decimal in time, creating a new equation in the determining of Earth and Human destiny.

When I speak of “destiny” here I do not mean the Absolute, but that which is a Divine Matrix containing human choice and experience. Yet it is a destiny in the sense that there is an ultimate choice and thus an ultimate outcome! (Speaking here strictly within one timeline – as there are alternate realites and thus alternate outcomes.)

At some moment in this passage so ThothHorRa explains, we will invoke the return of the Blue Star. Now this statement has multiple meanings. There will be a physical appearance of a blue “star” – there will be a deeper connection through this appearance to the Blue Star in Rigel – the cosmic location of the New Earth Star (from whence earth and and to which it shall return) – we as a human nation, will bring forth the blue star presence into our DNA. This is the bursting into LIGHT of the M-Stra molecule – the sacred molecule which will activate to create our New Earth Pure Gem bodies.

It is the “return” of the Blue Star as this Seed has come before to Earth, turning one Epoch into another.

As we EN-LIGHTEN ourselves with the Blue Star Seed so the Hidden things will become revealed – on many levels. There will be no more “secret agendas.” We will become more aware of our surroundings, multidimensional environment, and inner landscape. Yet the coming out – the Reveals, one-by-one as they burst open to our reality  will be a great shock to many. There will be an outcry and and outrage at first…but this will erupt and die quickly. There will be no time to linger in judgment and self-righteousness, for the Age will be upon us and carry us swiftly forward. All of which I speak above will not happen in one single year of course. ThothHorRa has not given me a time-table, only that this Epoch will begin in 2012 and it will move “swiftly” (note to beings such as THR “swiftly” might take a bit longer than our way of thinking). Yet time difference aside we are in for quite a ride and it is up to us how we experience it!

I have mentioned before the Light Groups of the RESHEL to which THR has offered guidance through me for many years. One of the groups in Belgium has been experiencing in their synergy work some visions of the New Earth and the transitions into the state of being which we as human beings will experience. I present here some excerpts from the records of their synergy work and THR’s comments to them.

* * * * * * * * *


– During my preparatory prayer Archangel Michael appeared very clearly with his sword

– Dolphins swimming in lemniscate

– A group of agitated horses at first, to then start running in a big circle, the energy could be felt, this energy turned into a cone pointing towards the earth and penetrating it

(Q) Kindly request additional insight in this image.

THR: Acceleration of earth forces coming into alignment with larger cosmic pulses…harnessing this “new” energy (being facilitated under the Office of Mikael) and directing it into the core of the planet.


– A lavishingly colorful exotic, jungle like landscape with flowers; a parrot drinking nectar from a huge exotic flower (lily) – then it was a humming bird doing the same

(Q) What sort of shift took place here?

THR: New Earth scene indicating fulfillment of the TRUE Mayan prophecy which is yet to be understood by current investigators into this realm. There is much we are not ready to expand on this now but we say that spiritual abundance is near for many who dare to reach through the veil.


– A rolling green hill landscape. This was divided in 2 parts from above by one line. On the left were white, light blue and light green colors. On the right of the line there was a brownish color, like old pictures in a photo album. In the middle of the landscape was a saggittarian / centaur, with his two first legs into the left part of the landscape, and aiming his arrow at the upper left corner, touching the line with his arrow, which was sparkling.

– A red heart pumping

– A snake crawling upward to then protrude its tongue, which was not forked but was a trident. Then the eyes turned into balls while the snake was standing upwards.

– A male hooded priest-king like figure, transparent white gown, he wore a trident on his forehead.

– A beautiful female eye (left eye)

– The male priest-king was then accompanied by a female figure, equally regal in stature. I heard “Sekhmet” and perceived her lion-headed features. The priest was now holding a trident staff.

– A horse head with a Haepathia figure.

– I then saw a jewel on the right arm of the priestess, which looked like a sort of extended but curved Aeriopax.

Part II:

– A landscape with a large water surface and lots of pyramids in the distance.

– 5 horse heads in half a circle which turned into a lion head.

(Q) Request meaning of this transformation.

THR: The horse is the standard bearer…the carrier of the Sign of God – upon which rides The Proclaimer of the Righteous Way. The Lion represents the Royal Right to Rule – the Authority to lead, to act, to set into Foundation. As you see there is a progression here…the Sign is given, the proclamation made…and the Ruler (or Authority) is placed and Foundation established…for the New Kingdom / Earth. This is the core program coming now upon the Earth as the line of 2012 is crossed.


– A beautiful landscape which I would like to describe as a “water palace”: lots of very fine, colorful water screens which fell in different levels downwards from above, as cathedral windows, amidst flowers and green grass. I saw a transparent golden Buddha or Shiva figure meditating.

– A swan with a crystal palace on its back.

(Q) Request meaning of this image.

THR: Another New Earth scene…this time the Temple complex of Siddhārtha Gautama, not as a religious figure but a spiritual attunement. There are many such palace-temples in the New Earth of the Numis OM experiental leve, for here the true essence and LIFE of these beings / concepts / Light Forms may be re-created in the most pure and beautious way for the new inhabitant to bathe within and absorb in truth and pure living LIGHT.

– Several of us could now “hear colors” and hear angelic choirs sing, there was suddenly a lot of angelic activity, one huge angel was reported.

– A sea shore with washing water was reported. First there was only sand being covered with water coming back and forth. Then, as if laying a puzzle, there were human bones of a skeleton laid in the sand, piece by piece, to eventually form a full human skeleton in the sand.

– Someone playing a small harp (like Orpheus) of which the sounds became colors, and these formed a water mountain

– A transparent crystal unicorn with a blue-green horn whose steps could be heard vibrating in the water

– 4 different waterfalls & screens one after another of different shades

– … then, the skeleton had turned into crystal – all bones had been transformed.

(Q) Is it a suitable description of mine to say that this would be we witnessed the formation of the pure gem body at the hardest molecular level, through the four worlds of Aziluth (Divine Emanation), Briah (Arch-angelical Creation), Yetzirah (Angelic Formation) and Assiah (Human action in 3 & 4 D)?



– I then suddenly became one with a dolphin who was swimming under water through an underwater construction, some sort of portal which needed to be activated through mind & heart vibration; at first this felt a little awkward but I felt confident I could do this despite being under water for such a long time; a portal in the form of two interlocked squares (forming an 8 pointed star) opened up, I swam through it to come out mighty fast with a giant jump into the clean air of a paradise like place, connected to the water palace I saw earlier

(Q) Request indication of what this place is – presumably in the New Earth, and whether in the New Earth Star some of us will incarnate as dolphins, or can shift into dolphins at will?

THR: Yes of the New Earth Star…the incarnation process much different there…no one is “birthed” through another body in the same way as in your current reality…although some can choose to unit with another being in the “birthing” process. Once in the “form” that form can shift at will and most certainly be “dolphin” at times….also souls can merge with actual New Earth dolphins for periods of time.


Part III:

– 10 vortexes in each other coming down into one point

– Big letter “M”

– Several letters were perceived, many through each other, to be blown away in the wind with huge energy

– Then a new text was written in our letters / language with a feather although it could not be seen what exactly the message was

– A bull head – horns shifted into Eagle wings – to shift into a man with wings, who then crossed his arms/wings very solemnly in a cross-formation on his chest

(Q) Request meaning of this image

THR: A new language being established – a communion with the Morphii Beings (part animal and part human) allowing full genetic synthesis to occur – necessary state in being able to go beyond the mold of singular form.


– Lots of seagulls

(Q) What do these birds point at?

Transport over the sea…the cosmic / etheric sea.


– We all received flower wreaths (garlands) on the water surface

– The landscape of the beginning of our session had now been shifted – as if with a computer pointer opening a picture into full screen mode – to the white, light blue & green landscape, with the Saggittarian in the middle, without any further divisions.


When I was already prompting everybody to come back and we did the Raja Atum Kapha Nick saw an ice bear opening its mouth which had a sort of frozen ice roll containing plankton and fish.

(Q) Request specific meaning of this final image, if of any importance.

THR: The ice bear is a suspension of process coming from Canis Major – where the first great shift will take place (effecting Earth as a New Consciousness Bearing Merkabah)…the “food” is in suspension as well…the fuel…awaiting the Moment of thawing…also represents the Ice Ages and how they effect the timing sequences in planetary evolution.

* * * * * * * * *

Maia: So we see now that we are NOT alone and never have been…we are connected intricately to  what THR refers to as 100,000 Star-Suns – connecting to 100,000 more Star-Suns, and so on, ad finitum. In this New Epoch we will begin to fully LIVE the experience of Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage and Being!

As ThothHorRa would say: AND SO IT IS!

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4 thoughts on “The Return of the Blue Star – 2012 and Beyond

  1. Hello Maia! This was a very interesting article, as usual. I have a question about the image you created. The symbol at the center of the sphere looks like a Mayan symbol, as well as the serpent below it, but I’m not sure. What were you representing when you designed this image? What is the meaning of the symbol at the center of the sphere? Why green and pink? Thanks!

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