SerRA’fana Adu’RA on the Crystal Skulls

art by Maia

SerRA’fana speaks to a gathering in the Chamber of the Crystal Skulls above the New EarthStar Island in Second Life

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur) :  I greet all of your gathered here today tenderly…extending to you my heart-light and offering a blessing that each one of you may find this day to be a treasure unfolding…for so is every day in LIFE…it is the coin under the pillow when you awake, left by the “Tooth Fairy” – often a blessing in disguise.

There is much attention in the metaphysical community on the “Crystal Skulls”…they enchant and draw many people for they represent…the hidden qualities of MIND…crystallized for all to see what may be more powerful to the Human SPIRIT but to peer inside the human skull and find LIGHT therein!  Understand that the SOURCE is a great Accommodation…Spirit will speak to you in whatever language you may best understand.

The Crystal Skulls of the Dwellers were left by the Star Beings – most eons ago on this Earth…they chose  this mean to most directly SPEAK to humans…through the form of the human skull. For these particular Star Beings are of the same ancestry…the Unimanity…they are part of your genetic gene poolthey are here to help you reach the new DNA vibration which they dwell within…yet also…they are preparing to go WITH YOU where neither you nor THEY have gone before!

And so the Dweller Skulls – 72 in all…and the many “seed skulls” on the Earth…which are those that mirror the Dwellers in some way…are liken unto living computers through which the Star Family may bring unity here on this earth and prepare all of its humanity for the NEXT stage…the NEW EARTH in World System II. Remember, World System I…where you now are aware of existing…is a base level for many dimensions of “earth”. When humanity and the planet “ascends” the base level will shift and become something very different in that…no longer will you have to age, die, feel pain, fuel the body…etc…it will be much more like the other dimensions of earth are now…yet much different also in that…IT WILL BE THE BASE LEVEL…this means no soul in the New Earth will have to experience reincarnating in order to progress on the path…they will simply shift frequency.

So now let us look again to the Dweller Crystal Skulls. Understand that all living things seek to be SEEN and KNOWN in their existence…that is to say…even the rose seeks to be known by the sun. The Star Beings who left their Skulls in crystal here as transducers and receptors and healers….they are saying to you…WE SHARE THE HUMAN FORM…the HUMAN SKULL…I SEE YOU AND SO YOU MAY SEE (and recognize) ME. Earth’s kind is still in the process of accepting their form, the nature, their experience as HUMAN beings. This process is important…it reveals the understanding of how you BECAME and what you will BECOME…for you will not be ready to leave this template behind (the human form) until a much higher stage within the New Earth. This means that you will carry the template of what it means to be “human” WITH you into the New Earth. This is why we refer to it as “Ascension” although  other words could also be applied.  Prior to the Grand Ascension…which will be the final movement of this on-going process…all 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls (and thus Illumined Beings) will inscribe their data (contained with the crystal skulls) into the New Earth frequency. They will do this through you…all of humanity…as that humanity reaches a certain critical point in self recognition of their TRUE Human Nature. It is this that will be the trigger, the impetus for the Dwellers who so long ago pledged to stay present with the Earth’s evolution. They will duplicate each of the Skulls into the New Earth and then…those upon this current realm will implode in light…this implosion will be part of the energy of Ascension.

Now if you feel that what I say here is too fanciful, remember that even a grain of sand is a might empire with amazing marvels with it! Humanity has largely been lulled to sleep by repetition of thought processes…I wake, I eat, I work, I love, I sleep…I wake again…even “love” is often a part of this role playing…it is only when a major event of emotional presence occurs in one’s life that LOVE comes out and reveals itself! Then one truly begins to live…and put away the love toys of childhood…for they pale by comparison. People who interact with crystal skulls (both the Dwellers and the seed skulls) often have deep experiences of Spirit…meaning LOVE comes out and says to them through those sockets of crystal…I SEE YOU…I AM ANOTHER YOU. Any yet one does not need to commune with a Crystal Skull to find LOVE unadorned before them…they simply need to open themselves and be willing to set aside all fear and sense of limitation…for the truest presence of love cannot come forth in fear or boundaries set by the mind. When you see a crystal skull refracting LIGHT like a living flame…you are intrinsically reminded that your skull does the same! It is filled with Light…your entire body is a cup of LIGHT.

It is important to take time each day to set aside even just a few moments to reflect on the LIGHT that you are. Especially when you are feeling limited, afraid or alone. LIGHT is never in fear…it is never in limitation and certainly it does not abide in loneliness.  It is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING and it is not neutral…yet it does not take sides…it is REFLECTIVE…it mirrors your TRUTH…what your soul REALLY knows…not what your emotions tell you it knows.  Emotions will always play their game…who is in power at the moment, speaks your emotions…what is the safest place to be or the safest thought to think??? Well that is where I will be…until something safer and more powerful comes along…and that I will move over THERE.  But the soul speaks to your heart and LIGHTS THE FIRE THEREIN…and that Flame is steady and sure and loving…it never strays from the greatest power…that of Spirit.

I will suggest an exercise…take some time each day to place your hands on your head…gently and with love….and move them over the outline of your entire skull…as you do so…feel the PRESENCE of the LIGHT therein…the sacred mergence of Higher Mind and biological brain working together…to recognize the beauty of the human body…its organization and complexity…carrying forth to take you where you need to go in the moment…the natural  soul or “Nephesh” will respond for it has been SEEN…it is the Natural soul or energy organizer of your “nature” that will stay behind when the body dies…and be here when your soul returns…having a “memory” of “you” to rebuild you a new body…but…when the body is Ascended into the New Earth, so the Natural Soul WILL be taken up as well…and transformed into a living state beyond the grave so to speak…it is then that “you” will never need to experience the casting off of a body…for the body will be super-luminal and close to the font…! Until that time my Dear Kindred know that even now…who you are in this moment and the sacred flesh you dwell within…it is HOLY and of divine origin…treat it with recognition and respect…and it will respond in kind. All of earth’s humanity share “body commonality”…you are one family in the DNA…and further every creature and microbe is the outer family to you…more kindred…not a thing apart.

I conclude today in requesting that you consider what I have spoken here in its most utter simplicity…that we are all ONE with every living thing….that LOVE  will never be contained by thought or emotion…and that your human experience is never alone…it is always shared on deep levels of commonality.


ANU KA ~ to all !

To experience a journey of Spirit with the Crystal Skulls: The 11th Gate of the Star video

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