THRIVE and the Inner Light Network

I just finished watching the video THRIVE. To quote from a review of this movie…

The movie is written and produced by Foster and his wife, Kimberly, Gamble. Foster is the great-great-grandson of James Gamble, co-founder of Proctor and Gamble.  He, alongside his wife, follows his life long calling toward a unified understanding of universal energy through the study of spirit, consciousness, the geometry of space and how we can work with it to create boundless abundance. Thrive is their offering to the world, a wake up call to all who sleep, and a message of hope to those who aren’t.”

Watching this presentation was a profound experience for me. The core of it revolves around the TORUS being central to all universal energy being. This is something that both I and Simeon have independently channeled for years.

The fabric of this documentary is rich. After exploring the nature of the torus as a primary universal sacred geometry, the film proceeds to touch upon our extra-terrestrial (and ultra) connections and crop circles. What is stated on these topics is short and to the point with declarations made by former and current officials and scientists in various positions of the military, government and academia as to the true existence of extra-terrestrial contact with humans and the hidden agenda of earthly powerful institutions to keep this fact from us.

At this point THRIVE plays the role of “Dweller on the Threshold” where the viewer must come face to face with the Infant Terriblis – the terrible infant of our design (since ultimately we cannot separate our being from any other being). A large part of the film is focused on controlling situations, events and power structures and exactly how they have created their network with our blind cooperation. Conspiracy stuff? Well let us take a closer look at it…

Most of the “conspiracy stuff” out there is a mish-mash of truth and dis-information – largely orchestrated as a fear-based solution to repel us from looking at such things – ever.

Many of those who do embrace the conspiracy stuff do so in a fear-based manner (as it is largely devised to initiate) and therefore they feed the flame of fear and dis-information while the truth lies open before us all in the midst of it.

Before I proceed in writing about THRIVE I wish to state that Thoth has repeatedly stated that while we should not focus on negative things – he qualifies that at the same time it is important to stay informed. This might seem like a contradiction, but it is not. Here is the catch…do not focus on NEGATIVE things…what is “negative”? Anything you focus on in a fear-based manner. If you are afraid of it then it creates a negative reaction within you. If you cannot look at something without that fear then you are harming yourself. The information is not harming you…your fear is. Fear includes judgment and anger…simply other faces of fear…also depression and hopelessness.

Many of the conspiracy presentations out there are designed to tap this fear and draw you in for an unbalanced experience one way or the other. Those that are not…well, many of these are created by people who wish you to know the truth but are harboring a lot of fear about it themselves – much the same result…it is more likely to impact you “negatively.” Negativity is not a thing…it is an incoherent energy that loves a good partner to waltz with.

Now back to THRIVE. ThothHorRa has told me that the video presentation of THRIVE is 100% truthful – although in places it does not quite see around the next corner – but this is a minor blimp on the screen. Also that it contains a very well-balanced energy – largely due to Foster and Kimberly Gamble and their choices in how this information is presented.

THR stated that it was necessary to spend so much of the film on the “World Power” as most humans place themselves in such denial of this truth that they need to see it unfold step-by-step in order to really glean the rationale behind it as a working system (working for the elite few). By showing how it works and why, the whole ball of wax is de-mystified. Once we understand it is just a system we can see that it can be undone.

The ending of THRIVE is very inspiring. It offers suggestions on what individuals can do in a peaceful and loving manner to reclaim planet Earth and the World Domain as a safe haven for all. Now these suggestions are very 3D based. Yes, there is much more we can do in inner-work and Spirit connection; but the Gambles are speaking to the masses. It is important to provide them with practical and tangible things they can do to better the situation, while the larger Divine Plan builds in energy through their awareness of the false paradigm and their feeling that they can together, create a better world. It must be simple and palatable to all or the cake will simply not rise in the baking.

Thoth informs me that this film was orchestrated on the inner by the Inner Light Network (ILN) which I first received information on years ago. The ILN is composed of many, many people – probably you and me…and many others who, on the inner planes have agreed to be part of this Light Network for creating a New Earth Hologram. It also is inclusive of ultra and some extra-terrestrials – and some individuals who are near people of great power in the World Order of control on this planet. While most of the humans are not consciously aware of their ILN connection and service, some are. Actually they now number in the thousands…human beings consciously aware of the ILN and their active role within it – able to communicate telepathically among themselves and through more ordinary means with others in the Network.

It was in the 1980’s that Thoth showed me through my mind’s eye an individual – a male in a nice suit and tie..blonde and very pale with light blue eyes – somewhat Nordic in appearance. This individual THR told me, was a “angelic being” who had taken form (not a walk-in…he just created the body via his merkabah). This angel-man was carrying a briefcase!

The name he gave me for this angel-man was Merkrael. I saw him enter a bank what I knew was a European country. He came into a meeting hall. There at a large table sat about 20 men and women (mostly men). They looked at him somewhat stunned and fearfully. No one said anything.

Merkrael sat down at the table and opened the briefcase. There were various documents and papers inside. He passed these around and the others at the table almost visibly shuttered.

Then Merkrael spoke to them all telepathically – the people’s faces were now literally frozen. He informed them that what they saw on these documents would come to pass – their world domination would cease to exist. He offered them an alternative path – lovingly – a feeling of great love was in the room. Some seemed to relax and respond – but most became even more resistant and frozen. After some moments Merkrael stood and quietly left the room.

This is all I know of the incident.

As a footnote to the movie THRIVE…there are places where along with pictures of other presidents of the United States, Obama’s face is shown…implying but not verbally stating that he too is “one of the pack.” Thoth disagrees. President Obama found as he enter the highest office in the Land that it was NOT the highest office in the Land…and that he could not do things as he had planned for the benefit of all Americans. He is also given a great deal of mis-information by sources he trusts. He is the only president for many centuries that is not “one of them.” JFK chose to separate himself from “Them” and so did RFK…the rest is history.

The office of a leader of a nation is not an office of power. Even a total dictator answers to as Thoth refers to them…”The Architects.”

Thoth has  largely discouraged me from publicly writing about this side of the world situation. There have been a few rare instances when I knew he wished me to do so – and this is one of them.

Taking the time to watch this movie will inform and inspire you if you step into heart coherency and away from fear-based reality. In other words experience THRIVE on neutral ground within.

THRIVE – The Movie

THRIVE official website

20 thoughts on “THRIVE and the Inner Light Network

  1. Maia, excellent, excellent article. I appreciate all of it. And perhaps I especially appreciate the comments re Obama. It is what I want to be true. It is what other Beings of Light have indicated. And some appearances are to the contrary. Certainly after Obama was sworn into office … Surprise ! Surprise !!!
    Also I appreciate knowledge of the Inner Light Network.
    In the DVD ‘Special Selections’ I found about 30 minutes of a group of one minute or so clips from interviews that were not included in the main film that were, for me, every bit as meaningful as the film itself.
    The film lends itself to group discussion and in my presentation of Thrive to several small groups I will include a reading or a copy of your impressive article … hopefully that is in alignment with you and, if not, please do let me know …
    With much love and appreciation … ParamDevi
    I’ll be presenting

  2. Thank you Maia. The Thrive movie has opened up a wonderful thread of discussion in a group I connect with and Thoths message is very resonant to how I feel about the movie and the intention behind it but also enlightening.

  3. Dear Maia, I wish to thank you and THR for the additional insights which confirm my own innate deepest senses of this movie, which is transforming in all possible respects. It is especially useful for all those still in the sleepwalking stadium and God knows that despite there is a lot of awakening going on, there is also ever more confusion, and much of it is shared under the cloak of the so called “New Age movement”, just concealing “old wine in new bags”. Yet this movie is different and felt to me like “right on, spoit on” this provides the lucid and detached view that so many more of us need in order to help provide the ILN the “physical mass” to tip the balance in favor of the good guys. This is what Dr. Nassim Haramein (who figures in the movie) explains under his groundbreaking physics research “The Schwarzwald Proton”. In order to help our Inner Lightwork Mentors anchor the Divine Plan we must be aware of the nepharious schemes of those who have been in power for all too long, and learn, as much in a detached way as possible, about the mechanisms behind it. They always boil down to “divide et empera” – divide and conquer. This movie shows us how to be aware of this, in all aspects of our lives now, and help us make the choice to awaken the living Divine essence in ourselves, and “give mass” to what is truly making ALL of US THRIVE.

    Much love and blessings to you and yours,

    Your brother in YHShVH, Divine Love par excéllence,


  4. perfect absolutely timely and perfeclly written and felt, thank you maia this will be shared, tis sometimes a little difficult for people to understand, for their minds are so overloaded, we are doing our best to gently wean them to slowing down and emptying the head of the conditioning, this will help enormously those who wish to read see and feel this. For so many have forgotten the Freedom of choice, it is and always will be their responsiblity, first though they have to be able to see that they do have this and its this that is being shared at this very moment, the ONENESS is here, the AWAKENING also ,, and so it IS.
    Blessings of Love

    1. Patrick the eye in the pyramid is an ancient POSITIVE symbol dating back even before Atlantis – to MU. However, like the Swatizka it has been taken as a symbol for a darker agenda. Yet the true power of these symbols as emblems of LIGHT is revived in the eye and heart of the beholder.

      1. Thank you Maia, I appreciate that.

        A have another question, if you will… I am a little surprised that NESARA was not even mentioned in the movie. What do you think about that? Does THR say anything regarding NESARA?

        Thank you and bless you.

      2. Regarding the question of NESARA, the film producers make a point of saying back up facts for everything is on their website, So they are willing to stand behind what they say. NESARA may fall into the category or non-provable. .
        Blessings … ParamDevi

  5. Thank you for sharing this, Maia. I had not watched the whole movie, so it was a good reminder. One comment above about the eye reminded me of an inner experience. I know we have to be in observance of such phenomena we see in meditation or visions, but I did see a giant eye surrounded in a pink and golden sky, and out of the eye’s pupil flowed a golden river of light. Beside the eye I saw a giant beckoning hand.

    Whether it was real, I cannot say, but it did make sense to me as I know, experientially, the same river of golden light can pour out of our own eyes. I had also experienced in meditation swimming as a being of light in the very same river, individuated yet flowing together as One.

    After that experience, a lot of things fell into place and one day when I saw the one dollar bill I noticed the eye of the capstone was separated above the pyramid, and I reflected how ironic was that due to the system of money we were being kept separate from the One that we all are, when we flow in that golden river of light as individuated light beings.

    So I would tend to agree with your last comment, that it is a symbol that has been borrowed and put to use in its opposite extreme of, say, inequality. Just one viewpoint, I understand it is for each of us to discern the truth of our origins.

    I do feel a hopeful point is that when we seek to control, it very often creates the conditions we seek to avoid. In that sense, the ruling elite may, in fact, bring about the Shift far sooner as the abject suffering people endure brings about the question, “why?” And that is a wonderful question for a seeker of truth.


    1. What a beautiful vision Delia! You say:

      I do feel a hopeful point is that when we seek to control, it very often creates the conditions we seek to avoid. In that sense, the ruling elite may, in fact, bring about the Shift far sooner as the abject suffering people endure brings about the question, “why?” And that is a wonderful question for a seeker of truth.

      I so totally agree!

  6. I already knew a lot of this stuff about the contol issue in this world and the ruling elite, however the Gambles and the people they intereviewed put it into a cohesive and understandable order. I really liked the way they had their facts together and presented the film. Thank goodness more and more people are starting to become aware of the truth and get involved on a larger scale. This is truly a film worth paying attention to. Thank you Maia for bringing it to our attention.

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