ThothHorRa on The Invisible World

ThothHorRa as depicted by Maia in Second Life

ThothHorRa Khandr: As we process now through the 11th Gate of the Star…which began in 1992…and complete as a passage in Dec of this year…the Earth and its Fold will then be in place for the next phase of introduction into LIGHT BODY consciousness.

It is very much an attunement to the Beings and Life Forms which have been among you…yet mostly invisible to you…and now are becoming more SEEN…yet none truly understand the order of these things and why they are presented. This is a graceful and planned unfolding…yet know this…all of Earth’s Kind are constantly in communion with the progenitors of Earth…the many types or phases of their expressions among you.

The Pyramid of the Risen One…was constructed as a Time Piece to activate various Earth-Human nodes in the correct sequencing according to the galactic Time Piece and the harmonics therein. If you could SEE in full spectrum at this moment…in your real world around you…the sky, the trees, the people…you would be amazed at the abundance of LIFE! Way beyond what you see now…all harmonically interactive and colorfully demonstrated. It would be a beauty to your eyes beyond imagining.

The Temple of the Risen One was a place where initiates came to experience the SIGHTthis was induced by the Manna or Dew…but not a drug…as a LIFE SUBSTANCE…triggering those elements in their own being. It was not ingested. They simply placed it inside the chamber…in the “box” or receptor…and the individual after having been prepared through energy balancing…would lie within the receptor and be aligned to the stellar frequencies…the manna would then inform his/her cells and the dance would begin…the dance of soul and form…of life and GREATER life. The initiates would  find themselves in the etheric temple…intertwined with the Risen One…which is the Temple of the Morning Star. In this more subtle temple…his/her whole life would be opened to him/her…and back…back through incarnations…seeing and understanding the purpose…the plan…the impetus to his/her whole individual coursing.

Let us now take some moments while you feel the essence of this…what it would be LIKE to know your life purpose…by this I do not mean the earthly details…for this is so much dust in the wind but the SOUL FORCE behind it…the FEELING OF YOUR TRUE CALLING AND PATH…like a Beloved calling you forth from the tomb. All Earth’s Kindred wish to BELONG…to be SEEN and UNDERSTOOD and LOVED…and they ARE…so is every sparrow and fawn…all is LOVED and WATCHED and GUIDED along…tenderly, gently…but sometimes with great POWER as a whirlwind…yet it is always the power of LOVE. If one could SEE and FEEL the many beings who are with you all the time…you would never feel alone again. This is why it is important to know they are there…even when you cannot see or feel them…and the more you acknowledge their presence…the more attuned to them and you YOURSELF you will become…for they are not even a heartbeat away from you. I speak here not only of what you perceive of as guardian and guides…but forms of life that are more like the cells in your body…they COMMUNE with you through the cells…and DNA.

So now…relax and feel the comfort of this truth…let it seep deeply into your whole being. There are times…when you see things out of the corner of the eye…like whips of smoke…or flashes right in front of you or over someone’s head…but usually by the side of their head near an eye…when you close your eyes at night there are times when light pulses beneath your lids…sometimes in brilliant colors…around and within you…and the life forms that swim within this SEA.  YOU are one of these swimmers…or rather a collection of them…for your body and your energy field is a merkabaha star ship…and its passengers are many…all the cells, the crystals, the microbe,s the energy creatures…all composing your earthly vessel. 

Ahhh but who is at the HELM of this Ship? This is the Mystery to many…some say the mind…others say the heart…but it is neither…the commander is the GOD FORCE interacting with the vessel…it is a STREAM…not a being…not a single point…but a moving coursing STREAM of GOD. The mind may make suggestions and plot a course but this advice is often not considered by the Master of the Ship…for the Master is so pure, so perfect it does not wrestle with decisions as does the human mind…it simply IS. Minds and Hearts can only propose…as the saying goes God disposes…but the God Force disposes only of that which is not the highest good…it is not a choice it is a law…a law of balance…human beings make decisions with their lives and act on them…but…this is not the actual path of the ship…it is only a shifting around of boxes in the cargo bay…the path IS the path…and it will be followed…although humans may decide on how the scenes are arranged during the journey…like watching a motion picture on board…but not looking out the windows to see where they are really going.

So what motion picture is it that you are playing in your life right now? Sitting in your little room on the ship…the curtains closed…with the screen flickering as your only light…and the images on the screen inciting you into the role play? Why not stand up turn off the screen and open the curtains! LOOK out…SEE what is really there. How is this possible outside of the allegory I am presenting here? CEASE DISTRACTION…it is that simple…or complex if your choice of distraction is dear to you. WHEN YOU STILL THE MIND YOU HEAR THE SOUL. Stilling the mind does not mean deep meditation or non-thought…it means stop churning the brain with stories. Humans are the great Storytellers…there is a time and a place for a good story but not 24 hours a day and not stories that take you away for yourselves…rather stories that bring you BACK to yourself.

Now take some moments and ask to see / remember a recent story you have been telling yourself…about your life…or something connected to it…that you have been playing again and again…embellishing as you go along…is the story getting lighter and lighter or darker and darker?

Rex Mumblewood: a true story ? from one’s own past ?

ThothHorRa Khandr: yes…what you tell yourself about your life…how it is…how ii will be…how you want it…how you don’t want it. See in your story the parts that are not based on what you KNOW but what you FEAR.  Now gently and with love but also powerful intent…lift those fearful parts out…edit the movie…snip snip…and replace them with beautiful thoughts and possibilities.  This process is a work in progress…not just for now in this gathering…keep engaged whenever your story is playing…get those scissors ready to snip and REPLACE. Make your stories become more simple…less a distraction…more aligned to BEING !

Are there any comments or questions before I depart?

Rex Mumblewood: yes…these beings that are here

ڪϦambala (shambala.kimono): sweet tears.. thank you for the sharing today

Calliope Novaland: wonderful insights

Rex Mumblewood: i seem to recognize some

Faustorian Mavendorf: Great info, definitely insightful!

Calliope Novaland: thank you

Rex Mumblewood: they seem to sense that I recognize

Lancelot Seetan: Thank YOU too

Rex Mumblewood: young people

ThothHorRa Khandr: Yes Rex…any sensing of them they respond to.

Rex Mumblewood: nods

anael (anael.ansar): i deeply appreciate what you said-it resonates very deeply and has given me new insights many thanks

Dru (drucilla.karu): Thank You Thoth..:)

ThothHorRa Khandr: You are most Welcome. I am here because you (all of you) have opened the door and called Spirit in – in this manner.

Rex Mumblewood: Thank you Thoth for very inspiring words…recently I have seen those “things ” in the corner of my eye…so I pay more attention.

Friend of Trees (starheart.mcmasters): Thank you

Faustorian Mavendorf: Aye, it definitely correlated with what my views have been.

Dru (drucilla.karu): We are fortunate ..:))

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~  LEAVE YOU IN PEACE !

2 thoughts on “ThothHorRa on The Invisible World

    1. Hi Kaylasa 🙂

      I have gatherings in SL usually 3 Sundays a month – THR on the 3rd Sunday of each month – always at 12 noon CA time (which is SL time). If you are in SL please “friend” be and I can send you a group invite so you can keep updated on NESI activites. My full SL name is “Starheart Erdhein.”

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