ThothHorRa on Solar Initiation

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Thoth Speaks to a Gathering in the Crystal Cave of the Pandora Sanctuary above the New EarthStar Island (NESI) in Second Life – 10/16/11

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~

I welcome you all to this dream castle in the sky…it is reminiscent of places you have yet to dream of…!!! In fact as Starheart was speaking of dragons in crystal caves…in the New Earth Realm there are dragons who spin crystal like spiders webs and create their own dwellings in this fashion.

“The Solar Mysteries reveal the ray infusion of the soul coming from the Central Sun of the universe through the various stages of integration with the earth embodiment, and beyond. All souls within this universal continuum are ‘lit’ by the Solar Rays, or what Thoth calls the Solarius, which are defined in this earth reality at least, as being ten in number. When the Master Yeshua (Jesus) took his High Solar Initiation at Heliopolis, before beginning his outer ministry in the world, he accepted the mantle of Sunship into his being. This meant that he opened his present incarnation to receive the full ‘signature’ of the Solar Logos – Divine Word, or Holy Harmonic. Only after having received the Solar Logos could he have accepted the merging of his soul with the ‘Holy Sophia’ or Divine (feminine) Love’ at the time of his Baptism. It was through this portal of Divine Love, that the Sun Spirits (of our solar sun) and the “Christic Archangel” entered his Soul and expressed through his physical being. Most humans on earth are not called in their incarnation to take up the High Solar Initiation (there are degrees of solar initiations).  However, they are all quickened by the Solarius. We are Sun Beings, just as we are Moon Beings. It is the marriage of the two within us we seek when we search for a loving union with one of the opposite sex.” (as previously given transmission)

Now I say to you this day…that the path of Solar Initiation is changing on this planetit is becoming more universal…encompassing not only the Star of your galaxy and Star of your Origin…but a whole pattern held in the universal accord…of course this kind of Solar Initiation means that as you experience your aspect of that…WHEN you do…you will be breaking away from the Earth’s Logos and entering the NEW EARTH dimension of experience which is not contained by its planet.

As when a child you spoke as a child and an adult you understand as an adult…so when you move into the Solar Initiation of the BLUE STAR of the NEW EARTH…you are being exponentially opened to vast universal Light codes here on this earth…you have received as the child the codes spoon fed into the growing body…but with the Solar Initiation of the New Earth…you feed yourself from many harvests.

When such Masters as I’shoa (Jesus) took the Solar Initiation…it was in order to receive the LOGOS of THIS Earth…for their universality is already upon them. When they lifted the LOGOS of Earth to their brow so they in effect took the HOST into the mouth and said “ IN THY NAME SO I DO THIS…I CONSUME THE BODY OF THE EARTH BEFORE ME…THAT I MAY LIFT IT UP TO THE HIGHER HEAVEN“…SO THIS WAS DONE BY THE MASTER I’SHOA…who accomplished it to the highest degree up to this Age.

How then, may the “ordinary” human being receive their Solar Initiation? Your soul may receive various levels of this initiation in other lifetimes…in one here and there along the journey of the soul. However, a true Solar Initiation is not common. It occurs to an incarnating soul on the earth maybe one or three times in all incarnations…yet there are movements or permutations of the Solar Initiation that you experience far more frequently…it is like a sliver of crystal…collecting the pieces brings you to the Moment of Initiation. It is the Moment when the soul fully dips the BREAD INTO THE CUP…and SAYS “I AM HERE…I AM ONE WITH YOU.”

Before a human being may experience a true Solar Iniation he / she must be willing to lay down the ego at the hem of the SOUL. Jesus said of the ill woman, “WHO TOUCHED ME?” For he knew instantly when she touched the hem of His robe. So does the Christos Archangel…when the ego lays down at the feet of the soul…for in doing so, the CHRISTOS is revealed THROUGH that soul and the two shine as ONE! Do not imagine the Solar Initiation as something way far off in the evolution of your soul…for it is never further than your senses can carry the message of LIGHT to all parts of your being.

As for this time now in the Earth…as the LOGOS of the OLD EARTH (current) is transforming into the NEW…so each soul will begin to cast off the old garments of thinking and being…and reveal their true forms beneath…SHINING GOLDEN IN THE STAR-SUN’S GRACE!  If you take but a few minutes a day and visualize yourself stepping out of the old form and into the new…SEE it…KNOW it…more and more so it will become real to you…a tangible thing and not a fairytale.

All that is ever required of the incarnated being is to BE…BE TRUE TO THYSELF. You need have no great talent exhibited, nor contribute in some outward grand fashion to the world…all these things are good…but only offshoots of the true vine…the TRUE VINE knows but one thing and DOES that thing to perfection…IT GROWS AND IS FRUITFUL.  To be fruitful in SPIRIT so you shall thrive…cut yourself away from the true Spirit you are, so you shall wither and “die.” Die to that which you cherish…until you are ready and willing to resurrect your BEING from the Place of the Dead. It is so easy to slowly slip into a coffin and close the lid…you can do this and not even know it until darkness overtakes you…!!! It is sometimes more difficult to RISE UP and GREET THE SUN and say “HELLO WORLD – I AM YOU AND I REJOICE!

If one finds themselves  in despair over their life…how it is or is not…they are not LIVING their life…they are only watching it pass by…!!! Take each moment by the hand and lead it forward as a treasured child you wish to educate and develop into a whole human BEING. Then you will have no time or need to think about watching your life and judging it.

We will conclude with a silent meditation…using the following music I guided Starheart to select (as written on the music notes): 528Hz-Golden Fractal incorporates the interval of the alchemical 5th balancing the yin and yang, or masculine and feminine circuits of the energetic body resonating these energies along the central axis of the Heart Field. As we align the energetics of consciousness to the central strand of the Heart Field, we begin to attract more positive, gentle and abundant life experiences. The Love energies create a more coherent magnetic field radiating our empowered thought forms into the environment and universal mind with greater power and clarity. This will accelerate the manifestations of the pure heart’s desire, attracting people and situations that are resonating in harmony with Love and Peace. The full length audio program is 1 hour and 11minutes. This track provides the sound sanctuary to enter a deep theta state, entraining the wave patterns of consciousness to resonate in harmony with the 528Hz carrier tone.”

SEE YOURSELF STEP OUT OF THE OLD FORM AND INTO THE NEW! Like a breath of fresh air…ETERNAL LIFE! See your current life before you and STEP INTO IT…now LIVE the feeling instead of simply watching it.


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One thought on “ThothHorRa on Solar Initiation

  1. This is so accurate and precise to what seems to be “in the air”…! ThothHorRa’s words come through YOU, dear Maia, to confort, to stimulate and to clarify (me) just in time! THANK YOU! 🙂

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