World Birthing Mantra

World Birth Mandala - energy art by Maia

A few years ago ThothHorRa gave me this mantra which is intended to “birth the NEW WORLD within” and activates global inter-connective energy connections among the hearts of People of the World. I also now created an energy art mandala that contains these energies as well (above).

Thoth: Holding the place of the HEART-LOVE-CENTER within and radiating this LOVE-CENTER outward into your environment, circumstance and culture. Moving in thought, word and deed beyond the veil of your earthly incarnation and seeing, feeling, KNOWING that a larger matrix of Spirit is always present in every situation. CALL UPON this matrix of Spirit. There are many ways, but one is to use my mantra, which I gave to Initiates of the Solar Cross in the Academy of Aramu  (Semik Ra’Hanok or the Academy of Thoth) in the Holy City of On, Egypt:



I open to the Source of Life and the Birther of ALL, as I radiate the LIGHT of the ONE as a PRESENCE DIVINE.

Chant this mantram aloud when possible, silently in the heart otherwise, upon rising, at noon and upon sleeping…and at anytime the feeling of moving away from Heart-Center is felt. You may share this mantram with others. It has not been upon the lips of the mortal since the days of On. It is now time for it to be unfolded into the world.

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