ThothHorRa on Core Being

Relection in the CORE of Being - art by Maia

ThothHorRa to NESI Gathering on 10/02/11


Today is a cross-over point with a special celebration time in ancient MU…it was a Festival of Uniting in the Heart, where all present gave thought and appreciation to the world in which they lived and the people and all living things abiding therein with them. It was called the Day of New Birthing…for to reflect deeply on these things…LOVE, APPRECIATION and all which you wrap inside the Presence of YOU…is a form of Re-Birth.

I would speak to you today of the CORE BEING…we have discussed it before…that place inside you the is the WHITE HEAT…the engine that charges your whole system…on all levels…the CORE…think of it as a WHITE CRYSTAL STAR of continual Birthing…just as the cells in your body are constantly re-forming into new…so the CORE is performing the same function for your entire being. But the CORE is more than just an engine…it is you might say a magnet as well. It draws to it and keeps aligned the many aspects of your TRUE nature like a treasure chest under lock and key…safely awaiting your KEY to turn the lock and open the treasures of your soul to you.

The CORE filters out all extraneous feelings, thoughts and energy…all that of the lesser emotions…it is a fine strainer…shifting through the sand for the gold nuggets. You feel connected to your CORE when you feel that “all is right with the world”…your world…those moments when you suddenly feel uplifted and SAFE…for to dwell IN the Core is to BE complete and thus “safe” – out of the long shadows of your lesser emotions. The ” Lesser ” however is not “bad”…it is primal…and abides in the impulses of the primal part of the brain. It is the “fight or flight” that saved many a Cro-Magnon from the Night Stalker.

In your gene pool you have two very distinctly separate strains…that which comes from the primal human and that which remains from the more Ancient Ones of the stars…the primal aspect is fading but still very much active when stimulated by certain key sights, sounds and smells. But the CORE…the CORE is not invaded by the primal…it was there long before the “world” began, as a template in the ADAM KADMON blueprint of the perfected Light Body. So when you access your CORE you are touching on a very ancient and pure SOURCE…your SOURCE.

Now let us shift for a moment and address a related subject…We shall call them “Core Values“…but really they are much more than that… as they are the pure beacon that guides the human being through the mire of the emotional body. This beacon radiates from the CORE…and your CORE is connected to all human CORES…and beyond…to UNIVERSAL CORE. So when we speak of “values” the word falls short…however it is a good descriptive of the human EXPERIENCE of this radiance. When you experience the radiance of your CORE…you feel an assembly of what matters to you within the WHITE CYRSTAL LIGHT that your ARE…what REALLY matters…what you hold of value…if your entire world as you know it should fall away in an instant…what would remain to you that you hold as beacons of your personal integrity…how you feel you must abide in the Universal…divested of all trivia…that when it was present seemed so all consuming…but now…now in the void…is of no consequence…in this VOID…what IS of consequence…!?!…and how might you interpret it…!?!…as a matter of thinking and conduct…!?!…that you could bring now, this moment back into THIS world with you !?!

I would ask you now to take some moments and feel that CORE speaking to you…FEEL THE WHITE CRYSTAL STAR in your center…the ANCIENT ONE…the ETERNAL SELF. Now feel all the emotions and “things” in your life right now which are seemingly so important….but hold this feeling NEXT TO the feeling of the pure BRILLANCE of your CORE. Allow the CORE to do its work and dissolve all the “things” into streaming light…a fluid movement undoing all the knots.

of several moments)

And now…with pen and paper at hand by your computer…I invite you to write down simply your key CORE VALUES as they can be expressed in your everyday life, thought and conduct. We will take come moments for you to be with this task.

of several minutes)

You may wish to continue working with this assignment periodically as more is revealed you…it is the kind of process where once you begin it…it expands and you can see it from different perspectives as you live it more consciously now. I would ask for those who feel comfortable in doing so…a few of you perhaps…to share in text what you have written at this point…just basically…in brief.

Love, Compassion, solidarity, appreciation, joy

Jeff Trapdoor (jeffsadler): treat others as you would like to be treated.

Acceptance of all that is.

Faustorian Mavendorf: Happiness, Security, Planning/Organization

Caryl Meredith: I am love… Love “Me” First, and put love before all actions

ڪϦambala (shambala.kimono): Having found my connection to the Divine Source..knowing who I really am — from the higher perspective.

Lancelot Seetan: Humility, Compassion, Honor of all , Integrity, Gratitude, Appreciation, Service and Love.

Amarie Glenfadden: Determination

Dru (drucilla.karu): Experiencing Oneness

ڪϦambala (shambala.kimono): being congruent in all things

Synthia Dagger: Courage… facing any and every thing I might fear and standing fast in its face till it is no longer… I’d add that, having found courage at any particular fear, then to share with someone else whose fear might be similar, and help them also stand and rise above it, move past it.

Harmony (rejoicenharmony): To always accept others with kindness and compassion.

ThothHorRa Khandr: You will find it helpful to review this list once every night before sleeping…to see how it aligns to the thoughts and actions of your day…then you might find you wish to add to the list or modify it to more deeply express…it will be fluid…as you are a fluid being…however…the PRINCIPLES remain the same…it is only the expression of them that is in motion. The more you understand that to BE is to BE in motion…to be fluid…yet revolve around the sacred STILLNESS…the less judgemental you will be of yourself and others. Often human beings judge themselves or others for what they see as inconsistency…yes there can be broken links in the fluidity that are in need of re-connecting but…often what you are judging is the natural FLOW in another or yourself…it seems ill guided if inconvenient to you and your plans. As for the broken links, even they serve a purpose…sometimes a link must be broken to be completely built anew…a makeover just will not suffice at times.

ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship

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