Pure Gem Body – Blood Activation

Bill’s Star Blood 

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Since the mid-1970’s Thoth has been giving me information on the Pure Gem Body. As those of you who have kept up with my written channelings know, it is mentioned frequently – being THE progressing human condition of the New Earth Star reality.

Now some actual physical gleanings are surfacing, which is quite exciting to me. I stop short from using the word “proof” – as that is shady territory in the scope of multi-dimensional realites.

In order to relay the full impact of this “gleaning” I will regress a moment to give you some history…

In 1976 I met a retired Navy Salt named William Buehler when I was briefly living in Honolulu on Oahu, Hawaii. We met at a “New Age” center where I attended several gatherings for awhile. He and his wife Joan kept in touch with me through the years and I came to consider them close friends. Bill was involved in creating synergy groups – people doing Light activation work in synergy together in the same physical space…often sitting in specific formations.

Around 1980 when I was living in Texas and he and Joan in Michigan, he began soliciting “Thoth” sessions through me concerning his work. Thoth was quite forthcoming and as a result, Bill’s synergy and attendant mapping and information on Earth grids expanded greatly. Thoth has continued to be of assistance to him in this way on a regular basis ever since.

However, neither Thoth (nor I) are actively engaged in Bill’s group. He is the master at the helm and has created amazing formats based on his own personal ability to see it and understand it. He feels he has nearly zero psychic or intuitive abilities, but in my opinion he could not possibly have amassed and correlated such expansive and accurate material on Earth grids and synergy for personal and planetary transformation if he were barren of an intuitive connection on some deep level.

Just in the last few years now, Bill has some really top-notch colleagues on his team working with him – and they together have formed connective synergy groups at various locations on the planet. At least two or three are now active and in my estimation, good channels as well…although Thoth through me continues to give key information when it is requested.

Thoth (via Maia) set the stage a few years ago for the current main focus of Bill’s Light groups, which is the “New Arks” – New EarthStar format – Angelika. In essence it has to do with creating the Pure Gem Body Merkabah. They have been working diligently with this focus.

Recently, due to his delicate health Bill had some blood work done by a professional who wishes to remain anonymous. These are his credentials from his website…

(name withheld) N.D. is a Naturopathic Physician, Master Herbalist with his own organic herbal pharmacy, Iridologist and Nutritional Counselor; he is a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder Colorado and the British School of Iridology in Cambridge, England. Daniel is Certified in Advanced Applied Microscopy, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner.

An extensive researcher in Anti-aging and Longevity therapies, (he) uses Isopathic Homeopathy, Biological Remedies, Chelation & Enzyme therapies, Quantum Biology & Biofeedback. He is certified in the Hippocrates Institute Live Food Program (1995). He is also a Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator (2003).

(name withheld) is a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1988; he is trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Deep Tissue and Neuro-Muscular Therapy.

What this N.D. saw when he looked at Bill’s blood through a microscope was startling to him…and to Bill and Joan, who all had the opportunity to peer at it.

There were little blue sparks moving around like super-luminal cells..some were different types than others. The N.D said he had seen this several years ago in another person’s blood – the only other time – and had no explanation for it.

From Bill – after having a second blood test from the same N.D. awhile later….

Where before there were “hundreds” of the blue-stars, with 3 large supporting agencies, now there are thousands and with some very strange shapes doing strange things. The color has shifted to a red-white star, in most cases. We found an area of static but living M-Stra stars with a few couplets where two were touching. Many interacting with dead red blood cells (RBCs). Then an area (in the drop of blood) where there was a massive number of “M-Stras” in rapid motion, no overall pattern to the motion. No large Units as seen before but there was one elongated spiral of a number of small units, some elongated and irregular shaped. Some large ones, well defined but with varying shapes and all having a pink interior strongly resembling a uterus and having one end of the bulbous shape with an opening.  Some of these were opening and closing like a clam might.

We have a VHS video of this now.

Thoth’s comments (through me) to Bill…

The blood energy effects you are seeing are not able to make the circuit leap into the wave form of the bio system until other changes occur in the human experience of the soul incarnate. The energy cells will pool and begin to feed on themselves, keeping their level of replication at a certain volume UNTIL that connection is made and the “leap” can take place. Such a leap does not come from the physical but from the spiritual…to which the physical then responds…inducing the blood energy to leap into the wave form.

As more and more human beings create the GEM Blood so they are also building communicating at the level of the blood chemistry. This communication increases the spiritual unity of those with the Gem Blood and thus aids in the individual spiritualization of the individual soul-body system.

(THR addresses a full blown Pure Gem system) The Pure Gem M-Stra will be fully active in the system and have mulit-faceted crystalline “ports” which allow (and draw to it) docking for a full range of full blown Gem crystal mico-chips. This is at the core of the mulit-dimensionality capabilities of the true Pure Gem Body within it’s New EarthStar environment.

(In referring to a specific formation seen in Bill’s blood of the blue particles) this formation is the “tracking” phase, where each energy-spark (that in a full blown Pure Gem Body would be a “micro-chip”) is being attracted to and receiving information from the knowledge-based “cell.”  However in the current physical environment, all these functions are operating at phantom level – until the charge is given from the wave form of the body (and it’s whole earth system) to make the leap and bond.

More from THR on this topic:

Q) What is occurring with the manifestation of the “blue stars” in the blood; what are they and why are they doing?

THR: The blue stars indicate that you, Wm are in first stages of transforming the blood into “pure gem” frequency. You are acting as a host for the planet (one of the surrogates for “blue blood” transfusion into the human spectrum).

(Q) When and how did they manifest?

THR: gradually through the work with the New Ark dynamics. For the purpose as stated above.

(Q) What are the larger bright blue-light forms?

THR: Host beings who organize and distribute the new “gem” blood cells.

(Q) How does this phenomenon affect the ANGELIKA work?

THR: It is a product of this work. There are others in the group who have this blood process beginning now. Some not yet visible and others would be a peak times in the process of blood transformation. However Wm is at the crest, the peak of the whole wave of the group as it is through him (his willing presence) that the process is currently being sustained.

(Q) Would they be M-Stra molecules forming cells?

THR: Yes.

(Q) Is this a form of Saf-Fire blood?

THR: Yes.

(Q) Are others in the Planet doing the same?

THR: Yes, but at this time not many (not just within your group).

(Q) Will the blue-stars phenomenon now fade away?

THR: It will show at peak times through-out the remainder of your lifetime unless you were to completely and willfully separate yourself from your current soul path.

* * * * *

So according to ThothHorRa we are now in a stage of actual physical transformation evidenced by the “Star Blood” making itself known in the blood of a number (a growing number I would say) of people on the Earth. None of us are yet ready to leap over tall buildings at a single bound…for as Thoth stressed,,,as “physical” as it appears, these blue particles are still in their “phantom” phase until they are able to connect with the complete wave form of human existence (utilizing the bridging process of the Antahkarana)…but that is coming folks…maybe sooner than we might expect.

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