Thoth Speaks

Second Life Gathering on New EarthStar Island with ThothHorRa (as channeled through Maia)

This first part is quoted from a previous article as a basis for Thoth’s Speaking…

Memunite Crystal Particles - art by Maia

The memunite crystalline particles are the smallest and most “instant” elements of the universe. By “instant” I mean that they were created the very instant the universe came into being through what the scientists call the “Big Bang.” They are the pure streaming of the Christos.

The word “Christos” is not used in the context to denote a religious belief, but as a sacred streaming from the HEART of SOURCE which we all contain in our being to some extent, and the Master I’shoa (Jesus) incarnated more fully than any other human being on Earth up to this time.

In the mid 1990’s my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa (THR) began referring to the “universal membranes.” He did not give me information in detail, nor at the time did I seek it from my akashic insights. Up to that point I had never heard of universal membranes or “M Theory.”

I had heard about “String Theory” but never really read anything definitive on it. THR had told me years before that there were many universes. It is not my intention with this article to delve into the M Theory but I will place some reference links at the end for those who wish to pursue it further. In brief, from Wikipedia:

“In theoretical physics, M-theory is a new limit of string theory in which 11 dimensions of spacetime may be identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds the dimensionality of five superstring theories in 10 dimensions, it was originally believed that the 11-dimensional theory is more fundamental and unifies all string theories (and supersedes them). However, in a more modern understanding, it is another, sixth possible description of physics of the full theory that is still called “string theory.” Though a full description of the theory is not yet known, the low-entropy dynamics are known to be supergravity interacting with 2- and 5-dimensional membranes.”

According to THR and my akashic insights there are an infinite number of dimensions, but the “11” fits the pattern of one level of “nesting” mem-star merkabahs (MSM). MSM are conglomerates of memunite crystalline particles which are drawn together through a type of gravity as yet undiscovered which I will call here “wave-form gravity” as it oscillates like a current across the skin of the universal membranes, causing those membrane skins themselves to move in wave-like patterns.

Each particle of the memunite is charged with a specific code that “calls” it to nest with other memunite particles containing the same code. This code information is transferred through the wave-form gravity field running along the skin of the universal membranes. The memunites therefore form in conglomerates on the skin of the membranes.

These conglomerates create mem-stars like marvelous snowflakes. the mem-stars in turn “nest” with other mem-stars through the oscillations of the wave-form gravity field.

Now here is the true beauty of it…

When a certain “magic number” sequence of mem-stars (each carry DNA-like string patterns, ie numeric bandings) come together in a nest they “light up” like a Christmas Tree and send a burst of radiant LOVE-LIGHT throughout the entire skin of the membrane! So these little mem-stars are bursting forth from their nestings this sacred LIGHT here, there and everywhere.

EVERYTHING is composed of membranes with the mem-stars lighting up in burst patterns upon it. WE are composed of this starry stuff! Our auras emanate from these bursts of mem-light. We do not see them in bursts because the time between the “burstings” is too minute for our senses, but auras do pulse from the micro-bursts of the mem-stars. The MSMs respond also to our thoughts and feelings…the energy information we send to them…of which we are a part. We ARE the MSMs and they are US.

When we have negative thoughts and feelings we slow the “burstings” of light in our mem-star merkabahs. When we attune to the MSMs through being in touch with out CORE – that is, becoming more heart-coherent – then we allow the MEM’s full range of their pulse-potential along the membranes of our composition. Remember there is no separation from “our” membranes and those of the most distant star! So what signals we send out through membranes within us, OF us are received throughout the universe! The next time you “meditate” FEEL that connectiveness and visualize the mem-star merkabahs firing off their light on the surface of the membranes composing your energy bodies. This will help keep the pathways clear to allow full potential of the MSMs to fill your Being.

Now begins Thoth’s discourse on 8/22/11

ThothHorRa Khandr: I address all of you with great LOVE and COMPASSION as we come together this MOMENT…Now that our MEM STAR MERKABAHS are entering into communion…WE are…become ONE…as we focus our attention on the ONE that we are.

But what is ONENESS  and WHY is it so sought by those who are becoming awake? To become ONE in the sense of which the Illumined Ones experience it…is very different from the “thought” of ONENESS…for it is not a thought…it is not of the mind…one could say it is of the “heart”…but even the heart-mind is only a tool to touch upon it…! ONENESS is beyond the human experience and yet…the human MAY experience it…a seeming contradiction…however it is not…for the human being contains a BEING beyond that form and as that BEING…so IT can experience such ONENESS and bring it into the cells of the body…and in doing so…the memunite particles will respond and the star merkabahs will grow and grow…and nest and nest…and then…the PURE GEM BODY will become a realization not just a conception of the mind.

And why may one wishes to experience such ONENESS when it is beyond experience?…because “experience” is like a rocket booster…it will take you UP toward the stars….and then at the moment Gods HAND reaches and touches the SOUL and lifts it up out of the realm of substantiation into the PURE BEING…so then the booster will fall to earth. Simply know this….that such ONESSNESS may be beyond human thought and experience but it is not beyond the SOUL’S capacity to embrace…when one becomes more and more in touch with the SOUL through maintaining heart coherency…then the writing appears on the wall and the mind crumbles and is replaced by the IS-NESS of ALL.  It is like a magic finger writing on an ancient wall…just the right  “ABRACADABRA”…that is all. Then the wall crumbles and you may see what is beyond.  With such broad concepts it is imprudent to realize that just in this moment…by taking in the potential…you are where you need to be…and expanding closer to the MOMENT of which I speak.

Do not become disillusioned that such things are WAY in the future…for they are not…they are NOW…if you sing to them…just as if you were a nymph with a magic flute sitting beside the great sea…and you played your flute to the creatures that dwell within the depths…then out of the DEEP so arises a giant whale…leaping forth…his great eye on yours…the two of you BOND in the moment before he plunges back into his realm…what a moment!…and THAT moment can carry you into the stars…like the booster rocket! You do not have to physically seek out such moments…for they will come to you if you open to them…perhaps not in the form of a whale…mabye a little bird in a tree…but just as sublime…and yet…the whale MAY come…will you be ready for it?…for such an encounter that shakes you to your roots and lifts you into the stars? Humanity fears the unknown mostly because they have created what they consider to be unpleasant, painful experiences from it…a DEATH, a DIVORCE, an ILLNESS…suddenly, quickly…life changes and the person feels abandoned by God. Yet who is abandoning whom? God is the DIVINE PRESENCE ALWAYS THERE…never does it depart…and all these changes in life that are sudden and seem to be “negative” experiences…they are created to shake and wake…to bring one to the Sacred…to strip BARE the ego….yet this is not necessary if you truly opens to the unknown with GRACE…ACCEPT it as your friend…it always brings you WHAT YOU NEED AT THE TIME…and “what you need” is determined not by “God” but by you…you can change the way you experience your life and live more easefully with the future…the unknown then will bring you out of the depths that EYE to EYE connection of magic, wonder and ONENESS!

I give you a blessing this day…that each of you may experience the MAGIC of the EYE-to-EYE in a way which will bring you loving power and beauty in a very profound MOMENT…this will happen soon…for each of you…if you accept my BLESSING now!

more on memunite crystals

ThothHorRa as portrayed in Second Life

Thoth answers some questions sent to me…

One cannot embrace the Christos without becoming suspended on the Cross of Christal. The Christal Cross is the place of no time and no space yet it is the mover of worlds to come to perfect balance at the juncture of time and space. To become suspended on the Christal Cross all must be set aside but the no-moment of suspension. THE CUP MUST BE EMPTIED.

Q. If something isn’t simple and easy then it is not of the Heart and because the Heart is “all knowing”, there is no need for an effort to mentally learn anything, it is all about ‘being’ in the Heart now, please comment?

THR: Finding the EASE is part of growth…and that phase may not feel “easeful.”  How much you resist your own place of power so you will be filled with dis-ease. One is relative to the other. So life is seldom “simple and easy” as most of humanity is in a phase of reaching their personal and collective EASE or Comfort Zone. There are times…many times…when one must step into hot or cold water and feel it to their bones before they learn to mix the two and take a soothing bathe in temperate ease. Yet this dis-ease is a part of a process to recognize that it is not necessary. In other words it is only necessary when one resists the PEACE within. And most on this planet do resist on one level or another.

One can say “well it is not simple or easy so it is not of Love, and I do not go there.” Yet do not be lulled to sleep by that belief…for it is not so.  THERE IS NO PLACE THAT LOVE DOES NOT DWELL. It is there to be embraced in every instance in life. None can say…”this or that is not TRUE Love.” The better pronouncement may be “ It is not yet realized Love.” Love does not take sides. It does not say “I am here” or “I am there.” Human beings decide where they will FOCUS on Love and where they choose not to.

So Dear Ones, it is ALL Love, the simple and the complex. Yet that does not imply you MUST follow a difficult path to achieve recognition of Love…surely not. To follow the path of least resistance in the HEART is always the more rarified choice….but do not judge those who choose the more difficult path, for they may be carrying a thousand souls on their back up the mountain, who cannot at that time understand how to achieve Love in any other way. There are souls of high experience and perception who OFFER themselves in this way.

Q. Is there a misunderstanding in the current perception of the “heart mind” and what being in the heart means and would you provide some guidance please?

THR: Being in the heart is to live in rhythm with all natural things…to not judge…to feel connected to ALL and to Love ALL…at the same time being aware of disparity and inbalances in the fabric of individual and collective life experience.  If you are not “in the heart” – resonating with the ALL…then you will find it difficult to be present in both places at once: Loving ALL and being aware of the disparties in that ALL.

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  1. i resonate deeply with your languaging of these concepts…i send much appreciation to you for being the keeper of this gate!!

  2. Seems like memunite ignition sessions would be in order, no? How they can be turned on and Kept on is what i’d like to see… [:

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