The Antahkarana – Bridging the Universe

Antahkarana inside Flower of Life (web image)

GATHERING ON New EarthStar Island in Second Life – 7/17/11

TARRY (starheart.erdhein): In ancient Lemuria, the Antahkarana was known as the Au’Atmun – that Rainbow Bridge of Light connecting the conscious mind and personality to the God-Self. The Holy Ones of Lemuria saw with etheric sight that the Antahkarana / Au’Atmun formed a fabric of connectivity throughout the universal continuum as a field of Light transfer from all points seeking the Still-Point of God-Source to the quantum awareness God-Source as it becomes present in the Absolute of Soul harmonics.

ThothHorRa Khandr: I greet you all today in the shared UNITY of Universal expression we are all travelling within…no matter the realms we inhabit or the consciousness in which we abide in the moment. The Antahkarana as I will be interpreting…it is a bridging with the cells, the DNA and the invisible fabric of the universe. It was at one time seen as a serpent undulating through space and time…and beyond for the wave-forms of the universe impels it into action.

Purnadas (zapotek.dryke): a kind of cosmic kundalini?

ThothHorRa Khandr: Not exactly, but you might see that both the kundalini and the Antahkarana create power through focus for the Antahkarana is a channel through which to focus
energy…it is not energy itself…but a directive for it. In SL you have the “bridge” in your viewers that connects to the main system and is a channel of focus for those commands…you might see the Antahkarana as such…in that it helps to define and direct. It is especially embedded in the nervous system of the body…sensation of touch and sight…all that operates through the nervous system (actually the whole body) is in tune with the Antahkarana but those sensations which are commanded most outwardly by the nervous system…these are the means through which YOU as the human being may feel and get a sense of the pulse of the Antahkarana bridging within you.

When one discusses energy dynamics there is much overlapping…since energy system rely upon and co-mingle with other energy systems…it is not an amalgamation…but a cooperation at the micro level. And so the Antahkarana as it is called, can be seen at work in other closely related energy system terminology. This relationship of energies is like a great sheath of light…seamless and radiant…and upon that sheath there are minute differences of reflection…as you turn the sheath, so these differences change into other differences…the lighting re-locates with the motion and interaction to source. Thus when beings such as myself wish to express to you an “energy system” or dynamic among systems…we chose the simplest way for you to comprehend it…by isolating a “moment” on the sheath within a terminology. So you might find in such teachings…duplications of functions…coming from another slightly different reflection on the turning Sheath of Light.

Returning to the Antahkarana…How may one apprehend this function in order to be AT-One with it in the NOW? This is accomplished most certainly through acknowledging it. Now as
I say “acknowledge” I do not mean that you must adopt the exact interpretation you have heard or read…if it does not suit you…but if the principle feels correct in your being…find it within yourself as a FEELING…a PRESENCE…and then acknowledge repeatedly that feeling or presence which you wish to enlarge in your experience. Visualization is a good tool for many…as in order to visualize, one must open a channel in the brain / heart to SEE beyond the 3D sight. As you are given a direction to visualize…as if to say, picture a swan on a lake…the
instant you see this in your mind…many feelings and sensations come forth…sometimes subtle, sometimes more prominent. Thus with the Antahkarana…it is an AID to visualization…more than an aid…as without it you could not imagine more deeply than an animal…certainly they have their beautiful sensations…but they are not able to see other than what is shown to them. You can show an animal something with your mind and it will see it clearly if you are clear but it cannot take a concept and visualize it through its own development…only the humans and the cetaceans…especially the dolphin / porpoise can do this…these are the only non-humans on this earth who can conceptualize in a visionary way unless they are shown it in the mind or with the eyes.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Apes are very good with visuals, but they must be shown the visual either in mind or reality….you see, what we are speaking of here is the bridge that all but the cetaceans and human lack…it allows us direct contact into the interpretation of concepts…even the cetaceans are more limited with this than humans, but they are more developed with holographic visuals…so they find another path.

Are there any questions at this juncture?

Purnadas (zapotek.dryke): Why do dolphins protect humans in peril?

ThothHorRa Khandr: Because they have inner knowledge of the value of life and of their true relationship with humans.

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): so by linking with a dolphin – like a mind meld – we are able to “see”?

ThothHorRa Khandr: They are connected to Beings that override the “animal” aspect of cetaceans on certain levels. Yes Maka and they may see through your eyes as well…

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): yes, I experience that.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Now all animals are good at picking up visuals sent to them but the cetaceans have their own path through their holographic brains. Their Antahkarana is different from humans but related…in some ways it is more advanced…but more limited when it comes to single concepts…in other words…a human can take one thing in its mind and tear it down to the core it wishes to work with…a cetacean fall short with this…it will not stay with it…it may start the process but cannot finish it…Instead though…it approaches its conceptualization in “broadband”…taking in huge portions of the whole fabric that hides the single thread. Therefore Dolphins do not build skyscrapers but…they have constructed whole holographic networks of information that is in SENSE form.

Caryl Meredith: so this bridging is accessed through visualization and imagination?

ThothHorRa Khandr:
The conscious connection to it is, yes. The deeper realm moves through all thoughts and feelings. Dreaming within sleep time is an especially powerful medium for experiencing the Antahkarana.

Brightstar (brightstar11): is it similar to accessing the un-manifested potential?

ThothHorRa Khandr: The Antahkarana gives you greater access to the multi-demensional being you are when you consciously connect to it…the “aha” moments you have are a result of an instant conscious “Moment” with the Antahkarana.

 Let us now take some moments to go into a visualization connecting more deeply in a conscious way with the Antahkarana. Find that place of PEACE within you…the haven of the heart…go there as you breathe evenly and fully…take some moments with this. Now…find the thread of expansion…that one thread…that when gently pulled…will begin to unravel the fabric…the fabric that binds you to what you think you know…and who you think you ARE.  Pull it gently but firmly…little-by-little…as the cloth comes undone…there is revealed a beautiful and expansive natural scene…a place resembling the natural world in all its splendor.

THIS IS THE REALM OF ALL POSSIBILITY FOR YOU!  There in the distance, through the green and rolling hills, leading into the mountain beyond is a single PATH…simple but well-trodden. No need to place one foot before the other upon it for many have done this for you…! YOU have walked this path in other life expressions…one step at a time. So now you need not labour so…simply BE there and float through the vastness the path travels. What do you see, feel and experience along this Way? Now you come to a chasm between two giant cliffs…here
there is a BRIDGE to cross…it shall carry you to the other side…a place even more vast and perfect…take your time and float over this bridge when you feel ready to do so. You may find you need to unburden yourself of some attachments as you go along…perhaps things over the prim limit 🙂 [later note by Maia: “prim limit” is a joking reference to Second Life limitation in how many “primitives” one may use on their land simulations or “sims.”.]

You are over the Bridge now…I give you that last “helping hand” and bring you all across in this Moment. It is all so beautiful…but one place lures you to it instantly…a small pool…engendered by a spring…you drift quickly to it and set yourself down, feet planted upon the earth next to its reflective beauty. Peer into it now and SEE WHO YOUR ARE IN THIS MOMENT…how Spirit within wishes to reveal you to YOU. SEND LOVE TO THIS ONE YOU SEE! And now…now you have come as far as I will take you this day…but do not forget this
place for you may return at any time….to continue the journey from here.


Faustorian Mavendorf: And so it is!

DRU (drucilla.karu): AND SO IT IS

Paige Fairweather: and so it is

Caryl Meredith: And so it is

Purnadas (zapotek.dryke): mote it be

Lancelot Seetan: AND SO IT IS !

Brightstar (brightstar11): and so it is. thank you

Amarie Glenfadden: and so it is

ThothHorRaKhandr: ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship

Later Note by Maia: When THR is speaking of animals not having an Antahkarana, he means it is not activated in their sentient or conscious being. The Antahkarana is universally pervasive. But animals have not activated the brain/mind connection to it directly and must therefor have it fed TO them through other human, cetacean or on rare occasion, High Nature Spirits which are close to Angelic Beings. They can also be overlighted by disincarnated souls, even highly developed master beings…in which case of course, the Antahkarana would be fred through them from that source. Usually these overlightings are intermitent and not continuous. Animals in World System II realms, such as we are to become in the New Earth Star DO have an active Antahkarana, as do our cetaceans, but again…of a different nature than the human element.

I WAS GUIDED TO CREATE THIS MANDALA OF WHAT THOTH’HOR’RA IS CALLING THE ANTAHKARANA SEED FLAME – a quantum burst in the “vein” of the Antahkarana. Meditation on this Mandala can invoke such a seed flaming it the full human body system on all levels.



Antahkarana Ancient Symbol in Healing

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