Thoth on Inner Relationship


True soul connection and interaction through the incarnated being takes place on the following levels:

1) lower personality

2) higher personality

3) pure consciousness

4) essence

 All four of these levels come together to form the interactive being. However, they can be distributed differently to create different expressions in relationship. As an example, an average human being – someone who is not particularly spiritually aware, but a basically “good” person might have a distribution as follows:

1) lower personality – 85%

2) higher personality – 15%

3) pure consciousness – 0%

4) essence – 0%

 Someone say, with the spiritual awareness of a true guru or yogi would have a distribution along the lines of:

1) lower personality – .0%

2) higher personality – 67%

3) pure consciousness -25%

4) essence – .8%

One should always strive to keep a considerably higher percentage of their personal relationships with others in the higher personality, rather than the lower.

The lower personality

1) demands attention

2) has specific expectations of gratification it wishes to receive from the other in the process of relating

3) Attempts to control all aspects of the relationship – both their own behavior and that of the one they are interacting with. This can take the form of pressuring the other, or simply saying what the other may wish to hear or NOT saying what they may not wish to hear.

4) rewards and punishes the other through behavior and language

The higher personality

1) Speaks the truth as they know it in the moment in a loving way, yet non-attached to outcomes.

2) Relates only in god-centered being focused through the heart. Does not compromise this god-relating for any reason.

3) Relates to the higher being incarnated in the other and not to his/her lower personality.

When the “pure consciousness” is 20% or above and the “essence” level is present, the incarnated being is able to communicate to the lower personality of the other through the sheer force of LOVE transmission from soul to soul.

5 thoughts on “Thoth on Inner Relationship

  1. Thank you Maia, this was just want I wanted to hear just now. Perfect timing, have been intergreating my thoughts and feelings this last week and this really helps.

    love Karen

  2. Thanks very much for sharing this, Maia. This will form part of my daily focus.


  3. Hi Maia,

    It is peculiar (well…) that I was answering questions to my Reshel lightwork group over the weekend concerning discernment of lower (ego driven) and higher (Self / Heart driven) personalities…

    Your article correlates with, adds to and explains clearly what I was sharing on the subject… It also correlates with Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi’s teachings through the classical Kabbalah format of the Tree of Life (expandable into eternity) and Jacob’s Tree (the 4 worlds intertwined in and outside of human beings) – see which THR confirmed to be a valid bridge between the Oritron and the Metatron.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!


  4. Beautifully expressed making me understand how important it is to always be unified with our I AM Presence so that our God/Goddess directs all our actions that the result be 0% lower personality.


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