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A gathering with ThothHorRa above the New EarthStar Island in Second Life…

ThothHorRa Khandr: We have chosen to express the universal dynamic of which Starheart speaks as the “SHAMBHALA” for it is the essence of Perfection and Peace…a place of pure design within the infinite…where the soul and the soul incarnate may find a sense of the RISEN BEING in us all.

If we see the SHAMBHALA as a “City” of spiritual nourishment and LIGHT…then we can also equate it to the “Golden City” of the New Earth which is as well…within the brain of the human being…as it transforms into the Pure Gem vehicle. Thus the SHAMBHALA is as well within the body…it is everywhere as is the ISIS EYE…for this is a basic schematic in the webbing or Mother Matrix of the universe…down to the smallest particle. As Starheart was imparting…the SHAMBHALA as a Gate in the center of the Isis Eye…is a threshold which is entirely responsive to souls…it communes with the soul “approaching” it…saying I SEE YOU…this acknowledgement comes from a pooling of nectar Light within the SHAMBHALA Gate…it is a sweet nectar of DIVINE LOVE. We can understand it as coming from the HEART of Quan Yin…as a universal Power Being…Illumined LIGHT of the universe. It pours from her vial into the HEART of SHAMBHALA…that dwells many places, all places…in YOUR Heart.

You may call upon the Gate of SHAMBHALA to open for you…for indeed SHAMBHALA can manifest as an experience in your consciousness…very real…utilizing the ancient symbols of soul incarnation through the Ages. Again, in this context…SHAMBHALA and the Golden City become One…and you may enter and be at PEACE with Kindred Souls. Let us clarify again…SHAMBHALA as a universal dynamic is at the heart of the Isis Eye geometric…it is a portal of Ascension into higher states of Being…yet also…SHAMBHALA is a state of accommodation…through which you may enter the Golden City as it becomes that “place” for you to experience and to quicken you to deep inner response to Spirit.

Please allow me at this moment to begin a process with you…in which you come through the SHAMBHALA gate and into the Golden City…We shall do this with only the music of your SOUL. I ask you to take some moments to breathe in a relaxed even flow…and center you love within the HEART …feeling it pour through you…like liquid Fire.

Now see before you a mountain towering above, glistening with snow at the highest reaches. It seems so far and yet….so close! As you look in front of you…there is a shining gate…ancient yet eternal…as if the golden doors were forged with your very breath in that moment! This gate is within a wall that reaches out too far to measure. Walk close to the Gate…and see the inscription on the Door….as it is only for your eyes….no two will see it the same. Run your fingers gently over the inscription…take it into the fingertips and into the being. Notice that the handles on the gate…golden, set with gemstones…yet suited for YOUR hands. Center in your Heart….place each hand upon a handle….and now slowly turn the handles, pushing gently outward…the gate creaks and it opens…opens…until you are able to see before you a mountain trail leading to a beautiful city…the Shan-Gri-La of your Heart! Stand there and take it all in…the whole of it from this distance…it is REAL…it comes from the beauty you ARE which is attuned to the Beauty of ALL. You find that you may “camera” in on any place within the city and this will cause you to “transport” there. Where do you arrive? Take it in !  Remember everything and everyone you see there is ALIVE…this is not a dream…it is an intended experience using your capacity to IMAGE to commune with you.

Now a person approaches you…a “host” of the City….he / she offers you a Token coin allowing you access at anytime to return here…and to go anywhere within the City you please. Look upon the “coin” and see what is engraved there. Now if you turn the coin OVER in your hand…..what is on the reverse side? Look closely as this is important. Know that BOTH faces of the coin give you symbolic clues when seen as a “set” and “pair” within your nature…the dual aspects if you will.

Now an animal comes to your side….he / she is your companion from the Nature Kingdom…he/she is your escort while in the City. This creature communes with your Nephesh (Elemental Soul ) and through this communion, so your Elemental soul / body and your universal soul may more strongly Love one another and exist in harmony. For most human are at odds with their Elemental Soul. They do not heed its warnings or consider its needs until the human BODY says “enough!” and brings upon the incarnated soul dis-ease of the flesh. Return to the City past the SHAMBHALA gate…the Golden City…your Shang-Gri-La…when it calls to you…listen for it…answer the call…take time to do so…for it is our very SOUL calling out in the Wilderness…Come to be Beloved…I AM YOU!

We come once again to this sky temple together…in sacred circle…feeling the Love run as a golden sash through our hearts connecting each to the other.


Shambahala Mandala – art by Maia

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Crystal Moon of Compassion Video

2 thoughts on “Shambhala!

  1. Hello Maia –
    When I just opened this email from you about Shambahala, the photo was most
    wonderful. When I saw the photo of the city.. or sky temple.. I recalled a
    vision (journey) experienced the other night just after the May 17th Crystal Moon of Compassion webcast
    Here goes:
    I was maintaining a threshold of intention , still very awake and aware of the energies experienced during and after the Webcast. Within my inner eye I became
    aware of a subtle pattern of energy in the pattern of prisms and triangles, soft in feeling and texture. the light was very soft.. There was movement within the prism and triangle like a breathing of a life force. the movement within the pattern was a permeating life force.

    This all defused and opened up into a city. The city did
    appear somewhat like the photo you have provided here of Shambahala. It was a
    quick glimpse for me . and the city was nestled in somewhat of a valley and the buildings had spires going upwards and were also formed as triangles with lights emitting from them – the city took formed as a refinement image from the life energy pattern experienced prior to its opening.

    But, as soon as my little conscious mind realized what had happened, the aperture of the greater inner lens of eye closed. Darn it, but I did have a glimpse.. and it is now an active part of my consciousness.

    I wanted so much to share this with you when I saw the beautiful sky temple of
    Shambahala sent out today. Much appreciation to you, Maia. I is going to be
    a beautiful day here on the San Diego Coast of California.

    Lorian, California USA

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