Easter Gathering 2011

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footnote: This gathering took place in the 11th Heaven Pyramid above the New EarthStar Island in the virtual  world  of Second Life. I attempted to brought in my three avatars: Starheart, ThothHorRa and Se’RA’fana. However as more people’s avatars came into the pyramid, all three of my avatars crashed from SL. I finally decided to come in as Starheart only – certainly Thoth and Se’RA’fana were present…just not the visual effect if their avatars.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

ThothHorRa: Se’RA’fana and I welcome you here today to share a Sacred Moment among every sacred moent, when we shall pause to acknowledge the sacredness in LIFE and the very Spirit of our full presence in the experience of the life each as been given as a GIFT of GOD.

Ser’Ra’fana: We extend to each soul among us today in this temple, a WHITE LILY of the EAST STAR of Heaven…the RISEN LIGHT at the CROWN of STARS. It is this Crown that adorns the Heavenly Sanctum of the Living Lights, where the Angelic Ones dwell and send forth their SOUND of choirs into space. If one could hear this music just now, your heart would break open in pure ecstasy. Thus your ears are closed to it but your heart may be open to the exquisite power of it’s Mystery.

 ThothHorRa: Easter is a time for Christians to reflect upon the Mystery of the Ascension of “Jesus Christ.” Yet HE is the WAYSHOWER and thus the Mystery is revealed through his Life…which is Eternal. WE ARE ALL ETERNAL BEINGS…so I’shoa (Jesus) has given us this knowledge and understanding of our Power, if we but listen to the RADIANT HEART that beats the Christic pulse of LOVE throughout the Heavens and the many Worlds therein.

 Ser’Ra’fana: First comes the Ascension of the HEART and then the Ascension of ALL that follows. For the HEART wags the tail of the Sirian dog. Sirius as the star of Opening the centers of the 8th through 12th chakras, which we shall call the Ascension Chakras.

 Take some moments now in SILENCE and imagine these four additional chakras flowering for you…the feeling of the sweetness in their Bloom, the power in their Glory. When it is said “HE IS RISEN” so it is meant “LIFE HAS RISEN” to the potential of it’s true purpose as an existence, a matrix, a function and indeed a Principle of the Divine.

 ThothHorRa: Now come forth from the tomb of your lesser desires and see the SUN as a glorious Golden Rose of GRACE shining upon your face. Indeed as you witness this moment you are seeing your first SUNRISE! For all others pale in comparison.

 REJOICE! You know the truth of what we speak here for it is written in your hearts since the beginning of time. Feel the Glory flooding though you, into every cell of your body. Taste it’s nectar upon your tongue.


 Ser’Ra’fana: Now let us celebrate together the Ascension of the HEART and the WHOLE BEING. Please stand and accept the invitation for Sacred Dance. Keep your music low as words will be spoken.

  At this point all danced on Starheart’s dance HUD (animator) to especially selected MUSIC as I (Maia-Starheart) spoke the following (akashic translations by Maia):

Aret Kala

Thou art the Sacred, the Cup of Light,

The Fountain of my Spirit.

Thou art all that sings thy Holy Name.

Thou art, Thou art, Thou art,

Aret Kala, Aret Kala, Aret Kala

Moon, reflect the Sacred in me,

Sun, inspire the Flame in me.

Earth receive my Heart into thee.

Thou art, Thou art, Thou art,

Aret Kala, Aret Kala, Aret Kala

I call upon thy countenance in my being,

I radiate thy expression in my soul.

I am thy harp, thy flute, thy cymbal,

I am thy lamp, thy temple, thy pilgrim.

Thou art, Thou art, Thou art,

Aret Kala, Aret Kala, Aret Kala

Processional Chant from the Rutan Temples, Atlantis

He Comes The Morning Star

Dove of white fire, burning bright,

Cleave the sun from amber light.

Become the veil of the moon,

Mists arising from Earth’s womb.

He comes, He comes the dawn,

He comes the brown and silver fawn.

He comes, He comes the eventide,

He comes for all who walk the path that he abides.

Dove of Grace, he keeps us in his feathered fold,

His Spirit in the smallest bird who braves the winter cold.

He comes the rose, He comes the rain,

He comes the hands that touch and heal the pain.

He comes the night, He comes the day,

He comes the Morning Star above to light the way.

Whiteness of the Flame, soft against our cheek,

Still the tears, stay the fears

His presence is proclaimed

The Morning Star is risen once again.

~ from Atlantean Adorations of the Dove (Christ)

 Una Milena: thank you Star !
Taliesin Heron: ty star
Faustorian Mavendorf: Very nice, aye!
Noc (nocshadue.balbozar): I am learning that Life always renews itself
Andre Farstrider: It is never too late to begin living.
Faustorian Mavendorf: A voluntary radical change in one’s life can be a good thing!
Noc (nocshadue.balbozar): I am learning that you don’t have to be perfect to be happy =op
Faustorian Mavendorf: (b’-‘)b
Rex Mumblewood: Since i met you Star, and Caryl, my life has changed for the better and I am very grateful to you both for this. 🙂
Una Milena: Am understanding the power of co-creation with god and others 🙂
Caryl Meredith: you have been a joy Rex we so appreciate your contribution.
Yara Ragu: I appreciate the effort you made to get this meeting going, dear Star. THANK YOU for it.
Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my Eternally Sustained Harmony and Peace
 Claim and affirm your truth, not just with words, but with intense feeling. It is your right and you have the power and authority to return to your full co-creative powers as the Twin Flame hologram of God you are!
Una Milena: nice words Maka
DRU (drucilla.karu): thank You Maka
Noc (nocshadue.balbozar): beautiful =o)
Nabreena Magic: I am amazed that as the powerful healing love that flows thru our individual conduits to pass to others, leaves behind a rich residue that heals us so quietly.

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