ThothHorRa on Auras & Energy Bodies

4/10/11 in Second Life Gathering  – NESI

ThothHorRa Khandr:     ANU KA ~|~         I welcome you all and send you rays of friendship and PEACE.

When human think and talk about auras of the body…they are only looking at what they can SEE…or some can see. Auras are generated by the energy bodies which can be catalogued in various ways. Yet the “aura” is not composed of only the colors which are visible to some in the spectrum.The aura is a stream of INFORMATION…it is imparting to the energy envelope around the body this information of the human’s whole physical system and more…for the energy itself reaches beyond the physical…or from the greater perspective shall we say what is “solid” to you…as there really IS no division between physical and non-physical…it is simply a matter of denser or more subtle gradients …what may not be physical to you, IS physical to some other living beings .

Auras then…do not only out-picture in colors but sound and the colors actually are induced by the sound…for the sound comes firstand the color emanates out of it. Every cell, every organ in the body, all coming together creates a symphony of SOUND…the color is like a SPLASH when a stone is thrown in a still pond….the stone is the sound breaking the stillness.

The toning of the BODY is effected by the sounds around you and the sounds YOU UTTER. You all understand positive thinking…the energy bodies are responsive to thought as well , for thought can change the toning of the body; but more so if it is SPOKEN.  When one listens to music which resonates to the being…then it helps to balance the TONE of the energy bodies.  If it does NOT resonate it can disrupt that tone.

CHANTING is very important for healing and wholeness of the body and mind…one should do some toning or chanting everyday…you need no words…either tone or allow yourself to form “words” as you tone…doing this while you shower or bath is especially good, for water on the body is very conductive to this process.

Again to the aura….there are many colors of the aura no one on Earth at this time sees as the vibration of those colors is beyond even astral vision on the Earth at this time. There are many multi-layers of colors, like rainbow ropes of silk all weaving and flashing through you be created by the tones of your energy bodies.

Let us take a moment and each of you if it is possible for you in your Real Life environment at the moment…take some deep and even breaths now…relax and focus on the HEART.Get in touch with the wholeness of your body…all the energy bodies that compose the BODY…FEEL THE ENERGY OF LIFE RUNNING THROUGH YOUR WHOLE BEING. Now softly…start to tone this feeling. Feel the rightness of the tone…the ISness of it…for it defines your MOMENT in the Body right now. Now feel the connectedness of YOUR tone with that of all others present here today…imagine you can HEAR this…the unity of all the tones. ( Pause )

You may cease toning now, but as you do…feel yourself draw the tone back into the body and let it tingle inside…like savoring that last lick of ice cream. Take another long, even breath…AHHHHH…feel the PEACE and SATISFACTION of the moment that is now upon you.

Now…I shall go to each one of you and give you three colors that are part of the sound-stream of your aura at this time….these will be chosen for their exceptional balance. It is suggested that you focus and visualize these colors internally as it will help balance the whole system.


Rex…Your colors are…SILVER…very pure and illumined like liquid…AMBER…the center of the sap of the tree and FLAMING RED…burning brightly in the dark night.


Paige…DEEP GREEN like Evergreens…a SILVER-BLUE…pale and iridescent…DARK EARTH BROWN, rich with traces of deep red.

RedOrange…haha perhaps you might expect “red-orange” but not quite…ROSE  PINK…WHITE with traces of LIGHT YELLOW…and TURQUOISE BLUE


Sir Lancelot…DEEP VIOLET…VERMILLION…SILVER WHITE (white with a shimmer of silver)

Yara…DARK AMBER (Rex’s was a Light Amber)…BLUE-GREEN like early morning sea…A LIGHT PINK as a touch of the morning sky

Serena…ROSEY RED…that is a deep pink, almost violet but not quite…ROYAL BLUE…GOLD RUST earthen tone

Drucilla…ROSE PINK QUARTZ  (the color)…AMETHYST(color) and CAT’ s EYE GOLD

Mitzpatrick…OPAL FIRE (red, green iridescent black)…RICH DARK GREEN…PALE YELLOW


Caryl…MAGDALENE BLUE (as Her robe in the classic paintings)…PEARL GREY…BRIGHT YELLOW VERMILLION

Zon…your aura colors…PETAL PINK…ROSE RED and RUBY RED

These are from the colors “unseen” in the aura…those from among many but now prominent for BALANCE in your field. Are there any brief comments or questions before I depart?

Noc (nocshadue.balbozar): yes please

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons raises hand

ThothHorRa Khandr: Noc

Noc (nocshadue.balbozar): what should we do to best work with these unseen colors/vibrations?

ThothHorRa Khandr: BREATHE THEM INTO THE HEART…even breaths…as many as feel guided…morning and night

ThothHorRa Khandr: Mitz

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: you spoke of the aura being composed of sound as well as light

ThothHorRa Khandr: yes

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: then it too must be considered matter?

ThothHorRa Khandr: all is ENERGY…matter is a term which earth scientist have assigned to specific density

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: yes.. matter is the compression of energy to a slow vibration

ThothHorRa Khandr: correct

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: then what is energy….consciousness?

ThothHorRa Khandr: no not consciousness…energy is a vibration of excitation…it moves with rapidity…from the original MOMENT of creation of THIS universe like an echo of that moment. And why do you think energy compresses? Why are there degrees of compression of energy?

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: interesting… goes to look up excitation…power of attraction?

ThothHorRa Khandr: ah yes…and why is there attraction between energies

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: no clue

ThothHorRa Khandr: 🙂  Well perhaps I may enlighten you…

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons: 🙂

ThothHorRa Khandr: Attraction is the natural urge to unite . What is closest in its nature…will be “attracted” even when it may seem they are opposites…let us look at human beings and sexual attraction or “love” attraction…it is said the opposites attract but their NATURES must be similar…The opposite is an outpicturing of the side of the Nature that is hidden in that person…and revealed in the other so it is always an attraction of the Natures which are most similar.

Zon Kwan: where does the energy to separate come ?

ThothHorRa Khandr: Come from? it comes from the first MOMENT of separation .Understand that separation is not a bad thing…it is only a movement in the process of refinement. However souls have created a drama out of it and tend to hold onto that picture when in incarnation.

Each of you is a Master Stroke by the PEN of Universal DESIGN  and that stroke is made by a brush dipped in the paint of every ink well in creation…you are multi-versed.

ANU KA ~|~

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5 thoughts on “ThothHorRa on Auras & Energy Bodies

  1. Maia:

    It seems to me that the females’ 3-pole supporting heart matrix would be quite important in the chakra explanation, with the male’s counterpart(s). As the ARK work proceeds its becoming more important daily as a balanced Ka’tiim Sphere dynamic in all the Arks.


  2. I have been told on more than one occasion that my aura appeared to look like a “rainbow rope”. I would like to know just what this indicates, as usually most people only express seeing a color such as blue or yellow, etc.

  3. Hi,

    Wouldn’t be fair to mention the author of the paint at least ?
    I forgot his name but this guy do amazing paints about the energetic body and the one above is one of those.


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