Se’RA’fana – The Prayer Temples of MU


Mu Healing Temples - art by Maia

 The following was transcribed from a gathering on the New EarthStar Island in Second life.

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur):  My Heart Blessings to you All…as we abide together in the Heart Merkabah that Starheart has depicted in her art! (LOC energy-art)

What truly is “prayer?”  It is the heart communing with itself – making a declaration. Every prayer is a heart merkabah sent out into the ethers, yet some “prayers” are tangled in all too human desires and they are not as clear and shining as those which float free of all entanglement in the emotions. To truly pray shining prayer one need to arrest all desire to achieve a goal. This is not to dwell in complacency, but to instead to fly freely to the CALL once the prayer is released fully without stipulation. It is like a dove flying to that which calls its soul forth. Rest assured that such a prayer will find its mark and that nesting place will be in the cupped hand of the Divine.

No prayer can be more powerful than the one which is set forth unselfishly, even when you pray for yourself It is not that you must pray only for others…no, for you must come first.  To set yourself aside is to set your divine seed away from the soil of earth…you must PLANT it…but then do not instruct HOW it will grow or WHAT fruit it is to produce. This the seed knows and so the seed will accomplish.

So now let us take a journey to the Prayer Temples of MU…or Lemuria as it is now often called. These temples were small and close to the earth, wrapped in Her bosom like hobbit houses only usually of light colored iridescent stone. They were connected in groups through (underground) hallways so that small groups could attend different chambers and yet still feel the connection through the space they inhabited together.

When the Psalmers came together in this manner several times a day their chants echoed through these spherical chambers, connecting to one another. The stones of the chamber were alchemically altered, so as to produce a ringing sound with the vibration of the chanting. Yet it was a peaceful sound…not loud, almost rather felt than heard. When the chanters raised there voices in song the hummm went then into the earth.

The Prayer Temples were always over underground streams where two or more of them merged…powerful Goddess thresholds. The stone inside the chambers glowed slightly in the dark…these stones of course were crystalline and they were charged in a manner which allowed beings on the inner planes to move through them and into the room. They would then open the holodeck so to speak…and holographic images would appear These were of fractals – cosmic substance dancing in response to the chanting. While all these took place – understand that it was not overpowering, but subtle and in such harmony that those present felt uplifted and attuned not overwhelmed. And of the prayer, it was chanted and not spoken and was not intended to focus on dictating wishes or desires of outcome It was a sending of harmonics which, when united with the ONE Harmonic , came together as a healing balm. Sometimes there was a focus on an area of the world…sometimes not, but outcome was left to the natural attention of the SEED and not the one planting it.

Now let us take a journey together to a Prayer Temple of MU we see before us several round crystal chambers connecting with tunnels. At the door each shall pause and feel the heart space saying a prayer of connection…and now ENTER. We sit together as we do here.

At the doorway one is offered the opportunity to CHOOSE Love. What shall you choose? There is nothing but Love. All else is a response to feeling unloved…and that feeling is coming from fear of being unloved

So let us now enter as one heart !

Feel yourself being EMBRACED by the MOTHER and her tender Love for you. Here the huuming crystal like beats in your heart as you sing to it and it sings back an echo of your loving psalm. Now offer your PRAYER. Feel it RISE within you like a winged creature. It takes flight, moving through your chakras and out through the crown…you have sent it on its way!

Ser'RA'fana stands in front of the Lotus of Compassion energy-art

Focus your camera now on the Lotus of Compassion Mandala. Allow this energy art to speak to you for it will reveal the true HEART of your SOUL to you. We shall take some moment for this. Allow the mandala to animate in your inner sight…watch it spin…feel it PULSE…accept it as it moves into your HEART…TAKE A DEEP BREATH…feel the rush of love through your cells as you do!

Let us now return to this place and time…together. I SEND YOU WINGS OF LIGHT. Feel the gentle breeze at their passing. THERE IS NO PLACE IN SPACE IN ANY PART OF THE UNIVERSES THAT IS VACANT OF LOVE…FOR LOVE IS “GOD” !  Rejoice in every instance through which this truth is revealed to you! It will come through what may appear as anger, sorrow, despair…yet when LOVE touches these places they are revealed as LIGHTED PASSAGES leading you on…on…on…to SOURCE…and all the “negativity” of these feelings simply is no longer present for it was never a true feeling but a shadow of one’s desire to be whole.

STARRY (starheart.erdhein): Seraphina I have a question. Aren’t all feelings TRUE in that we DO feel them?

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur): They are true that you perceive them in the manner in which you do, but the feeling itself is communicating something to you that you do not entirely understand, and this lack of comprehension causes you to experience the pain. Move outside the pain and see what the true message is. You cannot see it if you stay inside the pain. Simply move your ATTENTION outside of it and ask: what is the true message of this feeling ?

I have concluded for this day.

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One thought on “Se’RA’fana – The Prayer Temples of MU

  1. I appreciate this question very much, for at times my emotions have felt painful and i have struggled to understand why? But as i have made a conscious decision to evolve from limiting beliefs, my emotions do not hold the same grip over me and I am able to discern the truth of the issue and let it go, as this serves my highest good. Much love, light, & Laughter to all.

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