Seraphina on SUMAR – the New Avalon

The following is a transcript of a gathering with Seraphina on 2/07/11 (channelled by Maia-Starheart) in her Palace Temple on the New EarthStar Island within Second Life.

  Seraphina Kaur: ANU KA to you…I extend my PEACE to you all. Let us take some moments to tenderly embrace one another in SPIRIT.


 I wish to share with you today a songbirds language of the HEART in the NEST of the NEW EARTH. There is a “Temple-City” there, forming from the radiance of “ancient” AVALON. The name is SUMAR. The Moon on the Sea.

 In this place those impressions of being which the Earth knew as “Avalon” have taken root Maia-Starheart has refered to it as New Avalon, but more aptly it is SUMAR.

 When you say that word take a moment as to how it makes you feel…SUUUMAR.

 In Sumar there are those “mythic” creatures which have always been “real” in their power forms…the unicorn…pegasus…mermaids…dragons…does this not sound like Second Life? Actually when you abide in the New Earth all this is everywhere you are not just in one place…but you see, SUMAR is a state of BEING. I refer to it as a Temple-City as it is a bringing together in a central focus as a state of being.

 In Sumar also there is a marvelous Lake Palace…afloat as a Golden Lotus, and within it is an Eternal Flame.

 We might now imagine that we sit in this Lake Palace…URMA, before the Eternal Flame.

 What you feel speaking deeply to you now…that SWEETNESS…drink from it. I /YOU offer it to your mouth in cupped hands…HANDS OF THE GODDESS soft upon your face.


 So the third eye receives the gemstone of ATI – Opener of the WAY.

 I say to you…

 Follow the SWEETNESS in the heart…the taste of it welling on your tongue and you will abide upon the path to SUMAR and sit in the lap of the GODDESS there.

 It is the WELL of the HEART that never goes dry…the yield of an eternal harvest.

 Why do you seek elsewhere what may be found in YOU…right there in the midst of the Moon on the Sea?

 The GoddessFold of URMA are 13. From their rayship there are many more. I speak now of souls incarnate in higher forms of the ether-physical, which is the condition of being in the New Earth. It is an “incarnation” but the body is liken unto a PURE GEM. It is ether-physical.

 The Urmanii as the Goddess For of URMA are known, tend the Eternal Flame. They do not make offerings or prayers there. They tend the Flame in KEEPING it’s POWER alive in that place…that state of being.


 I ask you now to BE in SUMAR now. Allow yourself the honor of this moment which is forever yours to behold…and BE.

 I come to you there riding a White Horse…A UNICORN…SYLVINA.

 I carry a golden Bow, but no arrows. The bow vibrates in the wind and sings my song.

 Shambala: A wind harp.

 Seraphina Kaur: YES.

 (At this point Seraphina asks all gathered to dance with her.)

 Seraphina Kaur: Let us DANCE the SONG OF THE NEW EARTH…of SUMAR.

 We are LIGHT and AIR! In a field of flowers. On a rise above the CITY of SUMAR as it glows below us in the distance….and yet we float here in a cloud of flowers and sunlight as we praise SUMAR in oyr hearts!

 You may be seated now.

 I would ask you…

 Does anyone care to share their experience…feelings or thoughts?

 Shambala: I have been feeling the Elementals returning.. more so than before..

 Yara Ragu: Just before you said you were riding an unicorn, I felt I was one!

 Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini: Sumer is the place of my recurring dreams that I have had since I was a baby.

 Rex Mumblewood: Seraphina, Today here has been a deep experience for me like some revelations and am so pleased to hear about Avalon…..SUMAR.

 DreamSue Ansar: Cool.

 Lancelot Seetan: THANK YOU so much.

 Seraphina Kaur: It is so natural is it not…to BE there. It is natural because in truth you ARE there.

 Rex Mumblewood: Yes.

 Yara Ragu: THANK YOU, Seraphina!

 Seraphina Kaur: You know how the faeries in the old myths are left cups of MILK (the mothers milk) at the door at night…so they will bless the home. Think about this. What does this mean to you…this allegory?

 It is the feeding of that part of your being from the SWEETNESS of the Divine Feminine.

 Caryl Meredith: It is in recognition of the Divine Mother the Goddess.

 Seraphina Kaur: So that the “home” the physical state or realm may be in accord with the Spiritual realm of being.

 Shambala: Would that mean its a birthing place?

 Seraphina Kaur: Yes.

 Shambala: New life spring forth from a fertile spring.

 DreamSue Ansar: And there are birthing pains.

 Yara Ragu: 🙂

 Seraphina Kaur: The BABE in the WOMB is the teacher of LIFE to the MOTHER…and the FATHER as well. We all birth the next level of “teachers”…from the seeking of our hearts.

 I leave you now…but my SPIRIT is with you continually.

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Dreamer’s Waltz (vision of New Avalon)

3 thoughts on “Seraphina on SUMAR – the New Avalon

  1. Moon on the Sea – Sumar. When I was young I felt that my name was “moon on the water” as I so related to that energy. Now I have a connection to that in a totally different way. thank you.


  2. hi Maia,

    Thankyou for your article. I have somethings I wish to forward on to you Maia can you email me so I have an eamil address to send my article on to you please. You will resonate with what I have written re Numis Om and the Milk of Human Kindness. The new divine human blue print also 144 double penta-dodecahedron sphere. Lots to share. it would be timely to reconnect I feel.

    In the One heart
    From The white and holy land of Alba

    Carol x

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