New Year’s Transmission – 2011

New Year's Gathering on 01/02/11
Delivered by ThothHorRa and Seraphina – 01/02/11  

 Seraphina:  This year of 2011 we shall call the “Day of the Becoming.” It opens the scroll upon the inserting of final codes for the 2012 Moment of cosmic re-alignment, when Earth once again enters it’s true alignment with Galactic Center (referring here to inner-planes orientation).

It is a Time to gather the weave of one’s life up to this point and breath deeply of the old memories before exhaling them out into the Cosom. As the Mother breathe out the Old so shall her Children, and in doing so they will come out of their childhood and into the world SHE has prepared for them.

ThothHorRa:  2011 is the Threshold for the deliverance of the New Solar Seal. It is an Inscription of Light for the Earth that literally enters all the particles of matter on the planet and in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Before this Seal can come upon the face of the Earth to claim it for the New Heaven and Earth, so Reconciliation must take place within every particle, every atom of substance. 2011 marks the period of time when the Reconciliation sweeps the planet.

Seraphina:  There shall be a small place made in each heart – a hollow in an altar – for the nectar to accumulate. This nectar comes from the left ventricle of the heart. Here the nectar shall seep into the whole body and enliven it with a Knowing that shall sustain all who receive it. This Knowing shall carry you through the years to come. There are those who will not receive it…who will cast it out of the body, and for them the path ahead will seem more difficult. Yet is is a choice. Open to be filled with the Sweetness and you shall abide in the Blessing therein.

ThothHorRa:  2011 will be a time of lights in the sky and ancient prophecies being revealed. Through this time will begin to emerge new ways to attune to the necessary energy changes on the planet and in the body. This has been ongoing for sometime in actuality, but 2011 will see a major increase in the opening of energy center in the planet and in mankind through specific energy tools and alignments.

There has already begun a breakdown of the old paradigm of secrecy and deception in governments and those institutions and orders who control governments. This dissipation will become dramatic in 2011 and continue for years to come until the slate is wiped clean.

There will be eyes on the heavens and others peering deep under the sea and into the Earth and seeing things they have never realized before or known to exist. Many will be humbled by the experience and will wish to share these “secrets” with the world.

Seraphina:  Through this year and proceeding into the New Epoch brought forth by 2012, “Let Thine Eye Be Single” and hold fast upon the Shining Star. Know that you have the power to lift the world into the socket of the 11th Heaven…wherein the New Earth Star shall Flame forth.

ThothHorRa: You have before you a period of time – through until the beginning of 2013 – where you will find within you new places to explore and come to know and TALENTS will emerge you never knew existed. Of course such things occur all the time and shall continue to occur past 2013, but within this particular period of time there will be an escalation of this occurrence for many – like letting the “horse out of the barn” it will place its head in the air and take a DEEP BREATH…and then run to the greenest pasture, the highest hill, the deepest valley. He will rejoice in his freedom taking WING and HORN and become the magical creature that he is.

So now what shall be the difference between those who experience this and those who do not? Those who SHALL experience it are those who WISH to be filled with JOY and FREEDOM and LIGHT. You would say, “Everyone does,” but this is not so. Many think they do as a matter of course, but inside them is a boulder in front of the tomb – and it is very solid to them. They are afraid to role it aside. Not that they think they cannot – but the fear that they CAN…and if they are able to do this… what might we find inside???

You see, the Children only seek the Mother who suckles them.  They fear to go out into the world and BECOME the Mother and the Father – both as one within them. Yet you shall do this…each one of you…everyone who lives, and those who and transition on to other realms…so they each shall come to that moment in time when they will take the LEAP and soar as they FALL until they realize they are not falling…but FLYING!

What awaits you with that LEAP is beyond your imagining. It is beyond the senses you do not yet grasp.  Thus you do not reach for it; but in the coming years which are soon upon you…you will experience the fleeting whisper of that Presence and it will stir you for MORE.

You will then not be content to sit by the tomb and measure the weight of the Stone that seals it. YOU WILL OPEN THE PATH TO YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT !

Let us now take some moments…

(Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic plays)

Let us come together in the HEART during the sacred Prayer of I’shoa (Jesus)


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