ThorHorRa – 10/17/10




Gathering in NESI Pyramid within the virtual world of Second Life…

ThothHorRa Khandr: I embrace all of you present here today. Every moment spent in communion is precious to the Soul – even addressing the most trivial matters. Take this to HEART. Asking a child if they brushed their teeth that morning or asking a clerk in a store where to find an item…much, much more is going on in that moment. As you are making a CONNECTION to another BEING and they to you.

In that moment of connection send them a HEART gram…a “  I  SEE YOU “ from your heart. It only takes an instant, but greatly enhances the connection.

Now let us shift our focus to the EARTH and our connection to it. Humanity tends to view this planet vicariously. One moment loving it and the other eyeing it suspiciously, as if somehow the collective world of chaos humanity has installed here is the burden of the planet itself, which the Earth must re-dress. This is not so. The WORLD and the EARTH are two separate streams. The WORLD seeks favor with the Earth, but it is not necessarily in communion with it. Only in small bursts of recognition is humanity attuned to their planet. You as an individual can send that signal of recognition to your planet just as I suggested you do with another human being…


Do this repeatedly through your day and when you awaken in the night. SHE hears you. I assure you that SHE does!

Now we shall broaden our topic further and go back in time to the beginning of this Earth as a matrix for a World System.

Think of a planet…THIS planet…as the hard drive of a computer and the “World System” as it’s software.

The system you now operate within…the software…I refer to as WORLD SYSTEM I.  WS 2 will be within the New Earth Star.

So in WS1 at THE BEGINNING of this planet’s programming, there was a specific path set up by the ELOHIM or Creator Lords which was triggered by Other Realm transformations…that is, in other universal continuums, which is a topic we will not enter into at this time. Yet it was so, and the EARTH embarked upon her journey as a matrix for this Path. It thus received the INSCRIPTION OF LIGHT or LOGOS (Word) for the Path. This Inscription was taken into the sacred HEART (atoma) of Gaia.

As it entered therein so a HOLY SOUND emerged and the EARTH sang as a WHALE in the DEEP. The Sound called out to the other SINGERS of the UNIVERSE and they responded in turn…and a SONG was created from all the TONES…and all SANG the SONG as ONE!

Yet relatively early in the first stages of Earth there came about a separation from the PATH (this path I call the LOTUS). The LOTUS was a pure expression of the Light Inscription. However there were divergent energies which passed through the planet that disengaged it from that pure expression. This occurance was not bad or evil.


For the beings of this world created divergence which was as part of a greater “play.”


When the separation occurred, it was a separation of a wave length, as one part splits off from another; the 2nd Path tearing away caused a rift in the spectrum. This split I refer to as the KALI RIFT.

So now this planet sings the tone of the 2nd PATH and the LOTUS PATH awaits its return.

But the “RETURN” will contain parts of the second path…so you might call it a 3rd PATH that the Earth now creates which will unite the 1s and 2nd and take it ALL into the NEW EARTH STAR.

When you look at your history, the sequence of time and what has played out in that linear field, you need to consider that you are not seeing the whole program, but only a slice on one level of its production.

Also bear in mind that ALL which happened during the LOTUS time is not visible to you in THIS reality now. You cannot dig it up and examine it. You cannot find monuments of it or bones of it’s people. The only fragments available to you are those caught in-between the pages of the turning of that page from one to the other. Thus there are to be found some artifacts here and there which puzzle scientists…these are simply fragments scattered to the wind which have been dis-inherited from time and space. They were blown in when the door between worlds closed.

Yet as the 3rd Path takes definition, MORE will be SEEN of the LOTUS and this will cause a new picture of the “past” to emerge for humanity, which will affect the way they view their present and future.

Now come back with me to the present…to your lives, your thoughts and feelings. Your NOW moment.

How do YOU incorporate the THREE PATHS within you?  For these 3 paths are indeed IN you. You are a composite of them all…and the third is still forming. You are one of the creators of that formation. How will you choose to spend that power? Like a dollar burning a hole in your pocket, will you spend it all at once, or will you choose to use it wisely, seeking the moment as it seeks you.

Of course this is analogy, as power is endless and cannot be “spent”…but your ability to organize and express is run on an energy system that can burn out and will, eventually. That is why your souls are reaching to re-connect to the DEEPER and ENDLESS power. Until then, use your very physical and limited power wisely, for it is your booster rocket into the Eternal gird.

ARE THERE ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS YOU WISH TO MAKE AT THIS POINT? If so please place them in local chat as this gathering is to be inscribed.

SaltamontesG Abramovic: Thank you Thoth.

Eowin Aquila: May sound strange, but the lotus part can be Shamballa?

ThothHorRa Khandr: SHAMBALLA as an esoteric expression, reflects the concept of perfect human integration with the planet. The LOTUS is the living exemplification of that wholeness. So you could say that the LOTUS embodies the Shamballah experience just as Buddha or Yeshua embodies LOVE.

Eowin Aquila: thank you Thoth

Una Milena: There are physical energies running now…all over the body…seem to be set off by emotions…can you tell what they are?

ThothHorRa Khandr: Yes. As the Earth embraces the 3rd PATH, developing it into a framework I refer to as the New Earth Star Hologram – there are many energy references in the BRAIN which are disappearing and new ones forming. The brain is an organ that references and catalogs. It has more mystical centers as well, but the referencing now is become somewhat incoherent as this organ develops more omniscient abilities. This temporary incoherence sends out incomplete energy signals. It is not something going wrong however. It is something becoming RIGHT, as a re-ordering is taking of profound emphasis on the non-local Intelligence of the Species.

Una Milena: Yes, thank you ThothHorRa and Star.

Eowin Aquila: Thank you Thoth and Star

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA

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