We Are The LIGHT!

ThothHorRa before the Gaia Egg on NESI – art by Maia


A month or two ago Thoth brought to my attention how we are all really beings composed of light. Of course by now we all really kind of know this, but he brought me deeper into that knowing, showing me how our DNA organizes itself and connects us to points in the universe that are “lightcentric.” These points or nodes are nexus centers for the ALL of our light-pulsed being, for we are part of that Universal All and it is micro-cosmically presented in each particle of our energy bodies (including what we call the physical body).

As our DNA emits light to connect, communicate and create, so it seeks these lightcentric nodes in the universe. It does so through pure resonance. What is lightcentricity? It is where the entire LIGHT Presence which prevades ALL forms centrifical zones of Light geometries which are language books of information which the ALL creates and through which the ALL communicates to its many systems within.

The term “Lightbraries” has been used to describe some crystals. We can also aptly apply that definition to these universal Lightcentric nodes which have micro-duplicates within our DNA. Universal Lightbraries and human Lightbraries share their contents continiously and form reference patterns leading to other Lightbraries in other universes and alternate realities!

This whole process is transported through what the world is now referring to as “scalar energy.”

Several years ago I wrote an article called REX MUNDI which relates how a human being is at the center of his own nexus point of Light in the universe…

Thoth’s record also tells us that human form is present in this reality which we claim as “real” where universal streaming lines of “Creational Light Language” intersect. Out of this intersection, not only does the soul express it’s forms (various ones on multiple levels of Creation), but also it’s worlds and associate accommodations for other living forms, such as plants and animals. Each organized system is brought into form through streaming lines of Light Language, but the human being (and all beings that are generated from the ‘Kadmon’ template, from whence our ‘Adam Kadmon’ template is spawned) sets the stage, the arena, for the world in which the planet and it’s nature inhabitants gather and are formed from resonate intersecting creational streamings. The positioning and geo-magnetic properties of an ensouled planet are key to it’s ‘Rex Mundi’ dynamic, for it is from and to this point in space-time that the forms take shape in the ‘physical’ and evolve as the soul moves through it’s procession in development.

Just days after my conversation on LIGHT with ThothHorRa a friend happened to send me a link to an article on the web entitled IS DNA THE NEXT INTERNET – Are Humans Really Beings of Light?

Well I was blown away as this article really took hold of Thoth’s recent brief conversation with me and delved into it.

There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon… Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of light.

How might we consciously connect to the Lightcentricity of our DNA? If we did, what would happen?

I would imagine that if we were fully aware of our Lightcentric nature and in communication through our DNA Lightbraries with the Universal Lightbraries and thus the Lightbraries of other universes, well…need I say more? How we perceive this world and how we exist in this world would be a far different and more ENLIGHTENED experience! So ahhh how do we achieve this? Well there may be some grand answer out there which I have yet to apprehend but I would say that a good place to start is to focus on this thought…that WE ARE THE LIGHT WE SEEK. Keep focusing on it, like a divine mantra we chant in our interior with consistent belief, allowing it to become the mana we feed upon day and night.



Rex Mundi – A Metatronic View of the “King of the World”

Adam Kadmon – The Universal Man

Is DNA The Next Internet – Are Humans Really Beings of Light?

The Healing Universe video on scalar energy ( scroll down to bottom of page)

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