Seraphina’s Speaking 10/03/10

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Seraphina Kaur: I wish you the Blessings of the Goddess and welcome you to Avalonis. This day has taken time in coming and was indeed anticipated by myself and Djutii (Tehuti / Thoth) for some time.

Our dear Sistar Maia was not yet “Starheart” when this was known to us. I did not make myself known to Maia personally for all this time for confidence in communing with Thoth needed to reach a certain level and her power as a “Goddess” had to come forth more profoundly to her. So now…now is the time when I come to HER and to YOU… and join my Dear Djutii in this magical place, which is very reminiscent of past incarnations.

I wish to speak with you today on the dynamics of Twin Flames in relationship to this state among the Illumined Ones, Ascended Masters, etc. Of course those of you present are familiar with the concept of “Twin Flames” and Twin Rays” (same meaning).

On this earthen plane among most mortals (there are exceptions) experience a reality of process, in which they are creating personal soul growth by attempting to align with what they see in the mirror…the soul of the OTHER…the Twin.

For those beyond this process, such as ThothHorRa and myself, we are still experiencing soul growth through our interaction with one another but it is on a level that is beyond “push-pull”…there is no friction…there is no GRAVITY…there is only free flow. In this way, while we individuate in some states of reality such as among you here, we are ONE in other states of Being, and fully aware of this Oneness at all times and in all aspects of our experience. I do not mean intellectually aware but in BEING we are AWARE.

OF course ALL IS ONE ALWAYS. You do not have to strive to be AT ONE with your Twin or with anyone or anything.  Your opportunity, indeed your calling – is to become AWARE of that Oneness which already exists.

This is our greatest message to you…Djutii and I. AWARNESS and therefore PRESENCE in the moment – this is all that is. Everything else spins out of it as filaments of flame, but it is cast from that one fire. Like the fire in the bowl in front of us, which is a symbol of this perpetuity.

Even if your Twin Flame is not with you in this lifetime (rather you are not aware of them) they ARE with you…and you with them. The more you feel good about WHO YOU ARE NOW in the moment, while remaining aware of transformation on-going in your being….the less you will feel the need to “find” your Twin Flame or even simply that special life partner. For if your soul is intending upon a life partner whether it be a Twin or Affinity,  this will come about only if you look WITHIN to find your SELF who is longing for your LOVE and give to that Being within, fully and completely.

Now on this Earth is an Age to REJOICE! For the golden star showers are truly beginning, as this planet enters the realm of the MOTHER STAR…that  vibrational  realm of  HOME to which this Earth and its inhabitants ride their chariots toward in constant desire to know HER once again. No matter the Star of Origin of your soul…remember even that STAR came from the MOTHER STAR. SHE is your home…all of you! ThothHorRa has referred to this “star” as MAZURIEL.  It is not in this Universe but entered through the energy dimensional portal of the LION. The LION is the Guardian of Her Throne.  However, when the Ascension moves into the New Earth Star, the Guardian will then become the EAGLE.

How may you know your Twin Flame in your heart…and together seek the MOTHER STAR?

Starheart Erdhein: Ok please turn your music OFF…and now ON.

Seraphina Kaur: Let us take some moments to move into a space with that question…that desire…and  find, each of you, the answer in your HEART.

Approach it GENTLY, as you would a feather in the breeze. Do not grasp or clutch at it. Offer it a NEST in your cupped hands.

(some time spent with the music and meditation)

Starheart Erdhein: Please turn off your music now.

Seraphina Kaur: Did you feel the gentleness?  That GENTLE feeling is the LOVE of GOD / GODDESS within you.

It is limitless.  It never, ever deserts you no matter the judgements you may have laid At your feet.


The only thing that keeps you from hearing this in every breath you take is your own judgment against yourself and others You feel you must strive for “perfection”  but how can you strive for something you do not know?

First you must come to see the “perfect” in being who you are!  This whole dynamic which you call “Earth” and the “World” – it is a presentation with a purpose. It is not random. It has a specific agenda,  and that agenda is YOU. It is giving the SOUL a place to BECOME an “I AM” and to discover itself through individuation.

Duality is not a “wrong” thing…it is only a transitory thing with a purpose, which is to organize and define  aspects of Nature. When those aspects are no longer viable,  then duality will cease.

There are also many levels of duality. Duality in the New Earth Star will be very different from what you know now, yet it will still contain a form of yin and yang.

Now let me speak more about LOVE. A large topic but a very small one if you look at the nugget of its splendor. It  is like a microscopic black hole full of compressed LIGHT so brilliant you think it is very BIG, but it is not…it is so very small…and yet so complete that it needs no space to define it’s Being…it’s power…it’s glory.

So with the knowledge that Love is small, can you not envision it being easily apprehended by your heart? No need to get BIGGER to hold it all. (smile)

In closing, I wish to speak of this Isle and my place here.

In my earthly incarnations many were of the Fey, the Wood, the Grove. I have other expressions as well, but I chose the former to be more prominent in the attitude of these surroundings for the Fey Beings bring JOY. They are spontaneous and colorful. They know how to LOVE in absolute SPLENDOR…and they are unconscious in doing so.

There are things to be conscious about surely…but the impulse to LOVE is not one of them. If you stop and THINK about Love…you are not experiencing it fully.

AWARENESS is not consciousness. You can have both, but they are not the same. Animals love and are AWARE within their realm of experience, but they are not very conscious. Humans tend to be more conscious and not so aware. For humans, bringing the two into balance and knowing when to allow your AWARENESS to flourish beyond consciousness…this is the growth of the soul experience in the Earth.

Would you join me now and stand in a circle for these final moments before closure?

(At this point Seraphina asks us all to join her in a closing dance.)

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