Relationships – Through Time and Space

Starheart with her Snow Leopard Lhasa in the New Earth Academy

On Sunday, August 8th I gave a presentation (as Starheart) at the New Earth Academy above NESIE ( in the virtual of Second Life ) on the topic of the inter-dimensionality of relationships – what is really going on behind the scenes.  Through contacting our core essence, how we can individually get in touch with the greater perspective that larger picture has to offer us.

I recorded this presentation, or at least my vocal of it as my equipment will only record my voice and not others speaking in the virtual meeting room. So I asked the participants to text instead of use voice and you will hear me reading aloud their comments and questions.

This presentation was informal and free-flowing and not really structured in any way. You may download it at no charge on mp3.  I would appreciate however, if before you do you would please click the “Donate” button on the right in this blog. Your donation, no matter how small enables me to continue my offerings to you.

DOWNLOAD “RELATIONSHIPS – Through Time and Space” here

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