Heart to Heart

Radiant Heart - art by Maia

ThothHorRa on Heart Coherency

True heart coherency triggers an actual, physical state in which the individual begins firing “coherent” codes from the DNA and thus the cells, through a streaming that is “readable” to the full Light spectrum (Metatronic) field of the universe. There are many levels or degrees of heart coherence of course, for as one escalates awareness in the HEART so this coherence becomes more articulate in the”language” of quantum pulses firing in the DNA / cells of the body and of great significance also – the cranial brain.

When the body reaches a “critical level” of activation through heart coherent streaming it then discharges an etheric substance of monoatomic state from the body. This substance, while initially on the subtle levels can at times become more dense and actually leave a matter-residue when the body “teleports” from one dimension or physical space to another as did (and do) the “Immortals” of earth.

To further enhance your own experience with heart coherency it is suggested that you consider processes which tap in directly to the energy bodies, as this will of necessity, engage the heart-brain and stimulate coherent patterns.

Once such process is in activating the zeta body. Maia wrote about the zeta body some years ago. Simeon has now created a program which aids to activate this body on various levels.

The ancients of Atlantis and Egypt employed energy templates to help in the heart coherence activation. Maia will be translating some of these templates soon for her New Earth Energetics (NEE) website.

Wearing or using some of the energy tools circulating now would be of benefit as well…but only if they were truly aligned to the HC (heart coherent) field and the individual did not rely solely on these items, but used them as helpmates to inner personal work.

Maia is currently researching some of these and will announce on her list and NEE website any she feels guided to work with and offer to others as part of her service.

Using the pranic wand which Maia now has available on her NEE website is one such tool . One can bring more coherency through the chakas utilizing this tool, and also wanding certain nodes in the body which stimulate a greater field-to-field harmonic between the energy bodies and the heart-brain. Maia will be writing about these “nodes” in the near future.

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ThothHorRa gives a speaking on Heart Coherency on the New EarthStar Island Estate in Second Life

ThothHorRa Khandr: Welcome to all of you…I see you in your hearts and respond with warmth to you.

Drucilla Karu: Anu Ka ThothHor Ra

ThothHorRa Khandr: Today I wish for us to look upon the HEART as a vessel or merkabah upon a sea of LIGHT. It is a great OCEAN that stretches beyond the horizon and the Heart is the stalwart VESSEL which serves you well upon the sea. It keeps all the memory of LIFE circulating in your being  through your very blood. The blood not only contains the nutrients and bio-regulations for the body physical, it also contains the memory. Of course DNA is the core of memory in the body but the blood is the messenger.

Zapotek Dryke: yes

ThothHorRa Khandr: it stirs the electrical system of the body and regulates it, so that the firing of neurons is in alignment with all systems. When one become truly “coherent” with all the fields of LIFE and LIGHT in the body…through the central Holy of Holies of the HEART, then UNITY is achieved, expanding from one level to another to another. A coherent heart is a great communicator…it loves to hear itself speak.

Each on of you contains a degree of coherency in the heart or you would not be alive in the body. Yet it is also so that there are many deeper levels to attain. The Heart Ascension (which must proceed any planetary ascension on a mass scale) is attained only through entering this greater coherent frequency.

Life may seem complex, but it is all so simply really. You ARE…you are not separate from anything…you are LOVED and you are ALIVE with SPIRIT. All else is incidental to that. It has its value, but only within the context of the former affirmations. Humanity tends to try to separate itself out from the whole cloth…to divide and conquer; but TRUE SPIRIT shrugs and goes on as a whole presence, never divided and certainly never conquered!

Which brings us back to the coherent heart. To be “coherent” in the heart is a PHYSICAL thing. It is not a metaphor for harmony, it IS harmony in the physical body. It is measurable biochemically. How may you achieve greater levels of coherence? There are many threads to this all joining at a central axis. There are helpful tools…but the main MOMENT of coherency comes from absolute focus and desire to BE THERE. To therefore not become distracted by peripherals.

Remove fear, anxiety, dissatisfaction, sorrow, judgement, etc. Cast it all aside and there in the CENTER you shall find the pure nugget of BEING and that BEING is the RADIANT, COHERENT, HEART. To be coherent on any level is a matter of CHOICE. It is not a gift or a talent, nor is it reserved for the illumined or ascended. It is a choice one human being makes on the path to personal ascendancy of awareness and thus a full life.

Let us now CHOOSE TOGETHER and INDIVIDUALLY to enter some moments of meditative space where you may make your choice now. take this time to be in the moment of true inner heart decision – to choose is your god-given right.

Zapotek Dryke: Thank you.

( A period of quiet reflection is given here.)

ThothHorRa Khandr: Are there any questions your would ask of me before I depart?

Drucilla Karu:
I can’t think of any Thoth but that was so very beautiful !!

ThothHorRa Khandr:
Your heart speaks true, Drucilla.

Drucilla Karu:

Zapotek Dryke: Thoth – when I am here I feel at home (meaning on NESIE).

ThothHorRa Khandr:
You are always HOME Zapotek. No matter where you are, so you carry home within you, for it is the register of a feeling of love and being loved.

ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship.

One thought on “Heart to Heart

  1. I AM loving remebering the power of the Smile. We can recognize the energy produced as an elixir of JOY to be propogated and shared. It feels there is no choice other than deepening Heart Coherency when we loving Smile:)
    From the heart of our blosoming.

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