ThothHorRa Speaking on the Conscious Convergence

ThothHorRa - 7/18/10

ThothHorRa Khandr: I welcome you all in joining me on this day of the Conscious Convergence.

Ah so…let us begin then. Take a few moments of quiet and still the mind.Breathe  deeply and evenly, taking conscious breaths, each breath is a message to the ALL that you are alive and well and rejoicing in this moment of Being.

Now extend that joy in your heart as you connect to each HEART around this circle. Feel the LOVE present here today among us.

Know that it is God’s greatest GIFT that you have the capacity to love one another and yourself.

Today is being called on this Earth the “Conscious Convergence.” It is a time of intention being marked by many people on the  Earth today who wish to share in the rejoicing of CONSCIOUSNESS. There can be no consciousness without the animation of Spirit and Awareness within you. When more than one come together in such intention they fill the CUP that the world may drink from it! Intention of SPIRIT in the celebration of GOODNESS and AWARENESS of LIFE as a precious gift overcomes all lesser feelings, emotions and intentions. It is the shining star atop the TREE of Life. It instantly nourishes that tree from the top down into its roots. All the crumbled and dead branches are then replaced by buds of light.

So why then, do you not see instant and dramatic change in the world on such occasions? Because this transformation is created on the etheric first, and requires repetitive intention to bring it into ACTION in what you refer to as the  “physical” world. Yet make no mistake…each one of the positive intentional “sendings” DOES work – it activates and changes everything at a subtle level; and it is at the subtle level that everything must change FIRST.

It is therefore up to each one of you to carry forth with this intention every day,always.Do not walk away from this day and say, “that was nice, but now I must get back to the real world.” What is REAL is what you MAKE real – in every moment. So with this “Conscious Convergence” let us together in THIS MOMENT affirm that we are CONSCIOUS BEINGS – all,and as we ARE so ALL is! If we know this to be truth and stay with our EYE upon the target of TRUTH, so it will BE.

I will say that there are many beings who join the Earth’s kind in such intentions made by them.They HEAR it in the coherent frequency of their hearts and respond.There are those from many states or levels of Universal ALL who respond,from beings of  pure LIGHT to those of human relation (in various degrees) in other world systems who are capable in hearing the Call. As their hearts are in such a high degree of coherence, so they hear it instantly and know that they help you to amplify the intention of the MOMENT. Especially if YOU connect to THEM consciously, just as you are connecting through the heart now with each one present in this virtual room.

Please turn your environment to Midnight and turn your music on. (Gloria is being played)

Let us move into the cosmic Moment of our HEARTS where we BEGAN and where we always ARE. Allow SPACE and STARLIGHT to envelope you now in liquid folds of lighted GRACE – tender, loving Universal Intelligence. You are ONE with this Intelligence. See now the Beings you share the frequency of GRACE with all from many star systems,forming a large circle around our smaller circle. Zoom your inner “camera” around this outer circle and look into some of the faces of those present. Touch their souls through the windows of their eyes as they reach into yours.Their glance into your soul fills you with STARS and you feel as they feel- filled with ALL that IS – brilliant and complete.  A TRUE convergence of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS!

Please turn off your music.

I will now speak for some of the beings present…you might say that as Maia “channels” me I now “channel” others.

One who is giving her name as Ascentia (she is creating here an “avatar” name). She is of the star system Aquila. While her genetics are of a human strain, they are somewhat different than on Earth. She has more of an Navi’i ‘ s  anatomy (movie  AVATAR). Her skin is a bluish white. She possesses large BLUE eyes, silvery thin hair like wisps of wings upon her head. Her face would seem quite “angelic” to humans in its contour and expression.

She speaks…

I come with a heart of FLOWERS for you all from the FIELDS of my planet beyond your stars. I hear your CALL and I open myself  to your hungry hearts so yearning for HOME. I say to you, you ARE home, for it is indeed where you heart resides. BE at PEACE with who you are and where you are. Everything in its TIME and in its perfect plan. In this MOMENT your place IS perfect, and so are you. REACH OUT AND TOUCH MY HAND AND LOOK INTO MY EYES and I will help you KNOW this truth! DO YOU FEEL ME? I AM HERE FOR YOU NOW. I am a Mother and I know the need of children – I have many, and so you may all be my children as well if you so choose.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Another speaks, giving the avatar name of QUANTOR. He is dark, heavily muscled and looks quite “human” in your context of such. He has long black hair, a short beard and piercing hazel eyes…but his eyes are not severe.They ARE exacting and miss nothing.

He says…

I work with animals on my planet. I am you might say a Master of BULLS,for we have creatures like cattle, but they are not seen as “dumb” to be slaughtered for food. They are the food of the GODS to us and we commune with them. They help us understand the nature of LIFE upon our planet. I am here as a new one to this type of experience,for our world is just now able to be capable of such things. I am quite happy to be among you and to offer you my presence and friendship in the moment (smiling broadly).

ThothHorRa Khandr: One other…she is Celestina,a small one in body by your standards. She is of the Elemental realm of  another world similar to Earth, but yet more aware and open to its Elemental Folke.Her skin has a greenish tinge to it and her eyes are large and grey. She is child-like in appearance but she is an adult. Brown curly hair, like moss hangs to her shoulders. She sounds in a chirping voice as she speaks to you…

I love BIRDS and they are my kindred here in this world. I make myself SMALL to fly upon them and travel the skies in free flight. I know nothing but the JOY of freedom…of lightness and air…of green depths and cool springs…all that is natural and good and GROWING! I come today here to bring my GIFT to each of you. It is a gift from my forest.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Here she extends her hand to each of you…that you may receive the gift she is offering. Now take some  moments to extend your thanks and communion to all in the outer circle…your Star Kindred…before they depart.

(here several people state their thanks aloud)

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship.

(ThothHorRa departs)

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