4th of July, 2010 with ThothHorRa

ThothHorRa at 4th of July Gathering

Gathering in the virtual world of Second Life…

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~  Greetings to you all.

On this 4th day in the month of July, 2010, a celebration date for the historic union of the USA…a date upon which the Founding Fathers of that country brought together a fulfillment of the Hierarchy – one that it still in the making. Not just for the United States, but for the entire planet. The seed was placed in the USA, but it was GIFTED to the world.

It is the seed of creative purpose – of connecting to something larger than life and yet contains ALL of  the smallest details of life, revealing that these small details are holographs of ALL there is! Every little action and thus decision you make in the course of a DAY has a great impact on the whole field of the Earth…and of course on YOUR life.

Yet this need not cause you to be in trepidation over every gesture you make,for there is an automatic FEELING that directs you in these smallest of things which carries you down the path of the greatest purpose in your life. It is only when you are in resistance to your own instincts that you may choose another path less direct.

The Earth for instance…it has a SOUL within it which directs and guides it. This SOUL is a combination of all the souls upon and within it. ALL upon it feeds the container it holds and that container brightens and expands and sometimes contracts,with what is put inside it. As the current Earth is sending and receiving from its NEW EARTH counterpart being created BY the current Earth, so all the small pieces become of greater impact now. They fill the new reservoirs that Gaia is creating to hold New Earth seeds.

What are these small things? They are thoughts, feelings and actions of each and every individual and CREATURE on the planet!  As the New Earth Hologram opens wider and wider so these “small things” impact greater and greater. This means that you can now think a thought and have it expand more quickly and deeply into the World Soul.

This is true of “less than” thoughts and emotions as well as positive ones…but when these thoughts and emotions are not in alignment with the New Earth vibration they grow LARGE and then dim quickly. The dimming is especially true if they are not fed by others’ thoughts and emotions.This is why at this time now it is so important not to feed negatives. You can feed them even in the act of denying them, for to deny them is to say they are BAD and not worthy of loving. Opening the HEART and taking in the source of the negative is to transform it. All only wishes to be LOVED and ACCEPTED. Understand that you do not accept the negative itself, but the source of it – as something to LOVE into LIGHT. The negative is simply invisible to you. You are aware of it, but it blows through and out. Do not claim it by saying…”Oooh how terrible you are!”

It is like a pain in the body. The body is simply telling you it has something that needs attention in order to heal. PAIN is a messenger, and all negatives arise from pain.

Have any of you had an occurrence recently which might demonstrate this in your own life?

Caryl Meredith: yes

ThothHorRa Khandr: Would you care to briefly share it Caryl?

Caryl Meredith: Let me see…through relationship. I could see clearly that I have to let go of what I see as my responsibility..it was negative feelings from pain. I was not responsible and I had to let go of it.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Yes, often human beings become absorbed in the “doing”…trying to eliminate someone else’s pain, when it is actually only a reflection of a part of themselves that is in dis-ease.

Caryl Meredith:

Makalii Rhiadra:
More like just BEing with it.

ThothHorRa Khandr:
Once EASE within is re-established, the “other” feels that shift in vibration and often positively responds to it.

As an example of how the human being deals with the forces about them…when one is in a force of nature that is overwhelming, like a tornado, hurricane or earthquake, they cannot do much of anything. Yes, they can go to higher or safer ground. They can alert others. But in the final moment, when that force – that power is upon them, all they can do is EMBRACE it as fearlessly as possible. Miracles often occur in such moments. This is true for the more subtle forces at work on and around you and how you interact with them every day.

The atoms in your body are creating large force fields OF your body. Energy is flowing through and in you NOW that is part of the original creation of the universe. What a power you are! Yet you often feel helpless and call on the “Masters” to save you in some way from yourselves. So we…the “Masters” as you so assign us…LOVE YOU. That is all. We LOVE you..and you feel rescued by our love. For LOVE is the great NET in the SEA,and we…the MASTERS, have been Fishermen for a very long time. (smile)

You also fish every day…catching little fish swimming around in the bottom of your tank (mind) and spilling them out on your plate…at least those you feel are suitable to consume. Have you ever thought that these little fish of your THOUGHTS come to you from distant shores?  Looking upon you as MASTERS to Love them into the Great Sea? Ahaha yes! And so it TRULY is!

Observe the animals you call “pets” as they serve to love and be loved by you unconditionally. They see you as their Masters of Love and they respond in kind. But do they not give you so much love that you see your mastership THROUGH them?

The soul itself is your little pet, for it is not so big as you might imagine. The SPIRIT is eternal but the soul is that merkabah that shines alongside and says, “Oooh I am a lightship, I am a lightship!”  Haha. The soul’s identity is created and sustained by what it HOLDS, and it contains the incarnating elements of YOU. As a “you.” So BLESS your soul and love it and tell it how wonderful it is and how much you APPRECIATE the “you” it gives to you.

And so it is!

Now let us spend some moment in silence communing with our souls. Please turn your environment to midnight and the music on.

(The song that is played is John Lennon’s “My Sweet Lord.”)

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW YOU…and you can NOW, no need to WAIT. (THR referring to the words of the song)

Ask your soul and it will open the FLOWER to you as it wishes only to please you. Feel the JOY of this meeting between you and your SOUL…and the divinity with it / you as ONE.


There is nothing SAD in life. Not in the final realization. The sad yearning clings only to the judgment of the moment.

You may turn off the music now.

Let us sit in SILENCE together for a few more moments…

Please turn you environment to mid day now.

I EXTEND MY HANDS TO EACH OF YOU…IN THE SPRIT. I CLASP YOUR HAND BETWEEN MY TWO…AND BRING IT TO THE LEVEL OF MY HEART. As it was done in Mu and Atlantis in the Anciet Days; and I say: AKU TARA AHMUN, meaning, “I carry you as a lighted sign (or SIGIL) before my heart.” Which further means: “I bless you by your own light received into me.”


I shall depart now and Starheart will return for conclusion.

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~

One thought on “4th of July, 2010 with ThothHorRa

  1. Here’s hoping Atlantis returns soon and lemuria too!!

    Love the Thoth channellings thank you…



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