The Orion Return

art by Maia - symbolic representation of the two earths

ThothHorRa showed me a “graph” of how the seeding of New Earth Consciousness here in our current reality zone on the planet feeds back into its Birth Star of Orion…the location (to use the term very loosely) of the New Earth Star realm – the first level of which he calls Numis’OM.

THR: As the Earth develops it’s New Earth Star Hologram, so it seeds the Orion matrix of it’s original spirit home with the returning LIGHT of the First Moment (Big Bang). This creates micro “zero point” moments or extremely small zero point black holes (a specific type of black hole carrying specific attributes) in the current supra-electromagnetic field of the Earth. The Earth is receiving these frequencies through the reaching out of human consciousness toward that First Moment. Why is this taking place now and what is prompting it?

The souls of Earth are uniting their Birthing Points (reference points of first soul being) with all other soul beings in the universe. They are now able to re-trace to their natural state of origin because of many other soul beings in the universe who are achieving the exponential shift factor of full Metatronic Light Presence. When this 144.000 factor comes on line from these many activated souls throughout the cosmos, so it is possible to throw a light net as it were, out into the Celestial which triggers the many soul beings still on the cusp of that full blown Metatronic state of existence and literally “sings” them through the void into the creation of World System II planetary harmonics. We use the word “sing” for it is a tonal vibration which if heard by the ear would sound like human voices in perfect harmony.

On this Earth now, humans are already beginning to notice changes in time and space for which they cannot account. It can happen in such small increments many simply feel that they must be too stressed and are being forgetful or “spaced out” as a result. Other skips across linear time and space (caused by the mico zero point black holes) are more dramatic, yet for the most part kept concealed from the general public.

The small magnetic particles in the human brain and animal brains are even now beginning to shift polarities on very subtle yet accumulative levels. However, cetaceans are gracefully making this shift as their holographic brains are designed for elegant re-composure.

The Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim play an essential role in aiding humanity through this process of re-calibration.

art by Maia - symbolic representation of the Regulus capstone

The Orion Capstone of the Temple of the Morning Star

There is now forming an energetic capstone atop the etheric temple of the Great Pyramid of Giza which is referred to in this literature (as channeled by Maia) as the “Temple of the Morning Star.” The capstone we shall call the “Regulus” for the star in the constellation of Leo known as regulus is the point through which this “capstone” becomes operative…casting it’s beam through the portal of Regulus, through Denobola and into Mazuriel of the attasic universe.

The Regulus capstone is the new Light Mathematic quantum for shifting the Great Pyramid from a repository of ancient wisdom and an optic for future calibrations into a full blown ascension merkabah for the planet. By this we mean that it is now becoming activated through this emerging capstone to receive and fill the vault of Earth’s continuum with the ascension Light codes. It’s counterpart in this process is Stonehenge which is now undergoing a similar activational process…but not with a capstone configuration. Instead Stonehenge is the cog or wheel that turns the SPIRAL into a TORUS – the necessary sacred geometry for New Earth Ascension.

Returning to the Regulus capstone, this formational project is being constructed through the auspices of the Blue Fire Command.

In turn, there are souls among you who are “working” on this project under the BFC to fulfill this Inscription (of Light Language within the geometry of the Regulus capstone). The numeric entry into this field of operation  is 7-9-10-16-44.  This is the Light Mathematic calibration “opening of the scroll” for first level activation.

ref: Opening of the Lotus

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