Arising from the Sea

art by Maia

ThothHorRa: From the seas of the Earth so the hologram of the NEW EARTH STAR is catalyzed into starlight…a reflection of the heavens in a drop of salt water, in a grain of sand and in the heart of a dolphin. Each element of Earth emits a sound of the whole harmonic of re-calibration as the Earth wraps Herself in the holographic robe of the New Earth Star. As Humans so your salt-water bodies register this catalyzing process and you are called to RETURN to the sea…to bathe in it’s healing essence and carry that essence into the mountains touching to sky!

NOW is the time oh Children of the Field, the Mountains, the Sea…come forth and adorn yourselves in the new robes of LIGHT, for all is made ready for you…awaits you and shall welcome you.

YouTube created by spiritoftheself

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