The Shynuva Wind

At a recent Second Life gathering ThothHorRa spoke…

There is a new WIND blowing in the cosmos coming this way…to this planet…and it is the wind of a new  Presence, long awaited. We call this “wind” Shynuva.” It is composed of cosmic “dust” so fine…that it is barely within the realm of what you call “matter.” It contains the Light codes of the Great MAZURIEL…the  GOLDEN STAR – that star to which all in the universe shall return. This “star” is not of THIS universe but beyond, yet it’s doorway is in the constellation of LEO – the star Denobola to be precise, although the entire constellation aligns with it.

Just after I posted the above a reader sent me the following:

Space Weather News for May 3, 2010

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A high-speed solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field last night (May 2-3), sparking a geomagnetic storm that lasted more than 15 hours. In Scandinavia, the Northern Lights were so bright they could be seen through the glow of the midnight sun. Red auroras spilled
across the Canadian border and were spotted in several US states.  Details and images are features in today’s edition of

I asked of  THR if the current geomagnetic storm had any relevance to the “Shynuva Wind” and he replied that it did. While they would seem to be two different types of “wind” he states that our sun was effected by the Shynuva.

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