Journey to Korbola

The following I wrote several years ago – a vision experience to Korbola – the future “New Earth” city linking the entire Templa Mar grid though time. Korbola is located atop what is now the giant plateau near the Dead Sea containing the ruins of Masada.

Korbola - art by Maia

We begin standing in front of the fresco of the Ibis-headed Thoth extending a scroll to the Muses, who unravel it to re-spin, becoming the karmic history of humankind on earth.

From this point we go through a door within Egyptian winged disc over it, entering through several dimensions and exiting into the First Eden. This is the land of the CHILDREN OF THE SUN, the Land of Kadmon. We see before us a beauteous greening tree in themidst of a verdant field. This is the Tree of Life. golden spheres or apples drop from the Tree at our feet. A red tailed hawk, sitting atop the tree spirals down around it until he reaches the ground and brings to each of us a golden apple. We drink from these apples-spheres, and the nectar is the first molecule of life (found in blue green algae). This brings us into a resonance with all being found with the First Eden. After a few moments of this, we enter into a sea. We are surrounded by several cobalt blue dolphins with slightly protruding foreheads – obviously far advanced from our present species of dolphin. All in the group felt a tremendous love and acceptance from the dolphins, and a tribal connection.

After awhile the dolphins escorted us to a large, transparent bubble-like sphere of huge proportions, containing an entire underwater city. This sphere was not on the bottom of the ocean, but floating, so the city was like a sparkling jewel of a single-celled creature sailing in a microbe sea. We entered the city and were met by shining beings of great light. All we could see were their human-like outlines and brilliant eyes. They informed us that they were from the constellation Vega. One of them presented me with what appeared to be a lambskin containing within it a scroll. This scroll resembled those from which Rabbi’s read, like the Koran or Torah. Since I registered surprise at being given such an archaic item from a shining ultra-terrestrial, the being then said to me, “Don’t you see me revealed?” Then I was standing before a priest in the Temple of Solomon, and he was handing me the lambskin scroll. I knew it was the BOOK OF KADMON.

We were given by the Shining Ones, small flutes or pipes. As we played these, we were again transported through dimension and time to a cave in Australia. The mouth of the cave, where we entered was a yawning red sandstone. It was very large. As we walked deeper and deeper into the cave we were told that we were being received by the Mother. Inside the cave we walked through shallow water for awhile, and then came to a chamber with a great stone blocking it. It reminded me of the Tomb of Christ. One of our group stepped forward and pointed her staff at the stone and it rolled aside. Within was a stone altar in a small room, gently lighted by an unknown source On top of the altar was positioned a large golden quartz crystal skull. I was told that by Thoth that it was the Dweller skull of the first Adam Kadmon.

I reached into the front piece of the altar and an obsidian slab slid out (like an oven tray). I placed the scroll that had been given to me by the Shining One upon this slab and slid it back inside the altar. At that point, a holograph of the Being of the skull appeared, but I do not have a memory of what he said to me, although I know he spoke.

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3 thoughts on “Journey to Korbola

  1. Hi Sister :))

    The part with the small flutes is so interesting! In one of my visions, Thoth played a small flute (at the time I didn’t know he was Thoth) during a tribal gathering that led me to dance. I remember while dancing that I was in my own world of swirls of color (i.e, another dimension).

    :Love Light and Peace:

  2. Hi there precious Maia, I just absolutely loved what you wrote above, I just love the precious mountain Mt. Massada, reading about the Solomon’s temple, I suddenly thought of my previous incarnation as Tobias, keeper of the keys and lighter of the insence in Solomon’s temple, but it was reading about the golden skull of the Adam Kadmon that just brings tears to my eyes, I dont know why, also am wondering if this mountain in Australia is not in fact the sacred Mt. Uluru, what do you think, we have both visited within this precious mountain on the inner. Thank you for this wonderful writeup. Love you Fredaricka

  3. What a beautiful vision you have painted in my mind. I too have been gifted in visions in the past with a flute. I wonder what this signifys since we all seem to ahve gooten them? Thank you Sistar!

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