The 4th Wave

From a previous transmission through Maia:

In an ancient time after the final cataclysm of Mu so this Goddess Fold came into Presence here on what is now Kaua’i.

They called themselves the Ku’uani – the Goddesses of the Wave. This “wave” was not just of the sea but of the Earth as an energy wave which changed it’s tone or resonance with the destruction (breaking up) of Mu. The Goddesses of the Wave felt that they held within their being and human form the tone of that Wave as it brough New Life to the world. They were the “Beginning Ones.” Their chants and dances reflected this alignment and they helped to perpetuate the new “Wave” form on the Earth in this way…at least shall we say, ground it for the People they served.

ThothHorRa Transmission to Shamiir-Orion Light Group through Maia:

HU’BAR’ESH: solar-lunar rotations effecting the planetary core in new pulses of dimensional creation – HU masculine inseminating power (solar) – BAR” to connect, also breakthrough to the “other side” with an impact – ESH: Feminine receptive Creational Stream carries the SEED of the HU forth as a gestalt (“a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts” – from web) of New Earth Presence.

The 4th Wave is far more than this however, for it is THE New Earth generator. Without the movement of the 4th Wave / State the movement from World System I to World System II could not take place.

About a month after the above transmission I watch a documentary on TV called “Killer Waves.”
Here are some internet excerpts on this subject…

The world’s oceans claim on average one ship a week, often in mysterious circumstances. With little evidence to go on, investigators usually point at human error or poor maintenance but an alarming series of disappearances and near-sinkings, including world-class vessels with unblemished track records, has prompted the search for a more sinister cause and renewed belief in a maritime myth: the wall of water. Waves the height of an office block. Waves twice as large as any that ships are designed to ride over.

These are not tsunamis or tidal waves, but huge breaking walls of water that come out of the blue

Freak waves are the stuff of legend. They aren’t just rare, according to traditional views of the sea, they shouldn’t exist at all. Oceanographers and meteorologists have long used a mathematical system called the linear model to predict wave height. This assumes that waves vary in a regular way around the average (so-called ‘significant’) wave height. In a storm sea with a significant wave height of 12m, the model suggests there will hardly ever be a wave higher than 15m. One of 30m could indeed happen – but only once in ten thousand years.

Except they do happen with startling frequency. Since 1990, 20 vessels have been struck by waves off the South African coast that defy the linear model’s predictions. And on New Year’s Day, 1995 a wave of 26m was measured hitting the Draupner oil rig in the North Sea off Norway.

No current could have created such huge waves. There is none in that part of the Atlantic. Clearly, there was another effect investigators needed to find. Except someone already had: it existed (on paper at least) in the world of quantum physics. Al Osborne is a wave mathematician with 30 years experience devising equations to describe open ocean wave patterns. Quantum physics has at its heart a concept called the Schrodinger Equation, a way of expressing the probability of something happening that is far more complex than the simple linear model. Al’s theory is based on the notion that in certain unstable conditions, waves can steal energy from their neighbours. Adjacent waves shrink while the one at the focus can grow to an enormous size. His modified Schrodinger Equation had been rejected in the past as implausible, but with research attention centred on analysing these rogue waves – including global satellite radar surveillance by the new European Remote Sensing Satellite – data began to emerge backing his case. When Al came across the New Year’s Day 1985 wave profiles from the Draupner oil rig, he saw his mathematical model played out in the real world.

Al’s work – if correct – suggests that there are two kinds of waves out on the high seas; the classical undulating type described by the linear model and an unstable non-linear monster – a wave that at any time can start sucking up energy from waves around it to become a towering freak. The consequences for ship design could be stark.

What if the equations can describe even larger waves? What if rogue waves appear in plasma as well as in the ocean? And what if these nonlinearities can be controlled in nuclear fusion reactions? Who knows? We may one day use such plasma jets to ride rogue waves to distant planets.

Now, researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have succeeded in creating and capturing rogue waves. In their experiments, they have discovered optical rogue waves — freak, brief pulses of intense light analogous to the infamous oceanic monsters — propagating through optical fiber.

So with this documentation in hand I (Maia) once again return to ThothHorRa and request any correlative information which may connect rouge or “killer” waves and the 4th Wave “state.”

ThothHorRa: Oceanic waves move in undulating sines, which are controlled  by the gravitational field of the planet and the moon. The gravitational dance between the Earth and it’s Moon and thus the solar and lunar magnetic shells of the planet are the main activation of the waves in their rhythmic patterns. In fact the air currents themselves are manipulated by the solar and lunar magnetic shells, so all these forces are in concert with one another in the dance of the envelopes of solar and lunar influences.

“Rouge” waves we shall call here the Ur’Maat or balancing points at which the quantum flow of the undulation of the waves maximizes its own potential beyond the zero point of infinity and thus creates a break in the quantumized field containing it. This is evidenced by the rouge wave…the break out of the field which leaps beyond infinity zero point and thus opens a subsuvial ( a contact membrane) wormhole through to its Root Parent in another dimension along it’s own Event Horizon.

All quantum wave forms stem from a root factor that organizes them. This root is the Root Parent and it will be found at the “other end” of the “string” forming the event horizon of that wave form’s system.

Wiki-Pedia: In general relativity, an event horizon  is a boundary in spacetime, most often an area surrounding a black hole, beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. Light emitted from beyond the horizon can never reach the observer, and any object that approaches the horizon from the observer’s side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon, with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses. The traveling object, however, experiences no strange effects and does, in fact, pass through the horizon in a finite amount of proper time.

ThothHorRa: a true “event horizon” is the postioning of a relative field of interaction between two planear locales through which space-time is stretched in order to accommodate the differentials between both systems. In essence is forms a string which is the horizon of a new pontential world system…that is, where the formation of what is understood as a “planet” may evolve. The scientific definition given above (Wiki) is merely a generalized effect of one type of event horizon

Thus in returning to the 4th Wave State, we see that the actual rouge wave or Ur’Maat is the “dolphin leap” of no return which casts the final assembly of quantum-powered potential forward through the “break” of the undulating sequence into the Event Horizon reaching through space-time to the Root Parent of that whole quantum system of waves on this planet. This literally creates the “4th Wave” effect and allows traction for a new Root Child to take place…in this case with the New Earth Star. Thus the 4th Wave feeds and communicates with the New Earth in this manner, and the Ur-Maat wave system is the vehicle for this dynamic. This “wave” is also found in LIGHT and other elemental undulating fields.

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