Gathering with Illumined Master ThothHorRa in the virtual world of Second Life – March 3rd, 2010

ThothHora in Second Life

ThothHorRa Khandr: Greetings  to you all this day / night. I wish to begin by observing a short period of heart-connection between us all…a moment for the music to begin…Let us join in Sacred Moment…within the envelope of Eternity

How splendid the shared moments when we SEE ONE ANOTHER in the LIGHT of the UNIVIVERSAL BEING we all inhabit!


I wish u all to experience your POWER MOMENT…and what is that? “your power moment”? Think on it for a “moment.”

What does it mean to you to be enthroned upon the seat of your personal power in true awareness of it’s being and nature? It is a choice you make…to BE or not to BE…that is the question you may ask yourself. Am I or am I NOT a creature of Spirit and Light who sits at the very throne of my Divineness? It is akin to choose a Twinkie (surgery food) to a “power bar” from the health store. Whatever you consume so that is what you become…this is what  will give you your fuel and you will take on that shade. I mean of course not just the food you consume but the thoughts and feelings as well.

You live in a SEA of thoughts and feelings…they are not “yours” but everyone’s and you simply add a drop to the sea, yet you claim them all emotionally…if a fish swims into your sea from another ocean you say “ahhh it is my fish!” Instead say…”hmmm a fish from another ocean…how interesting! I shall observe it a moment and see what I might learn from it as we all are ultimately ONE…but then I will let it swim on by.”

You see there is no contradiction in the fact that we are BOTH all ONE and each an individual entity – both are correct. It is like the particle and the wave – it is your observation that changes it. If you do not want to claim the fish observe it as coming from another sea and let it pass.

If you DO wish to be at-one with something know in your heart that ALL ARE ONE and take it unto you. It is as simple as that, for EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING in this dimension. It is like playing with an oracle tool…you can CHOOSE to select the cards at random, knowing that if you are clear enough you will receive some insight from the sacredness of the RANDOM moment. Yet if you really want some quick action…CHOOSE THE CARDS YOURSELF Then focus on these for outcome. There is no right or wrong in choosing either of these paths. It is that you HAVE these choices and can move between them BOTH as it suits you. This is the wisdom therein

Are there any questions?

CorianderShea Swansong: Are other human beings or beings in general, of aware consciousness  cards or fish? Or both !? 🙂

ThothHorRa Khandr: Humans have the ability to choose more widely than animals. Animals do make choices but these are limited in scope. They are very much on the sensing plane. They follow the path of least resistance usually, although when they attach their fields to certain humans they will respond more within the field of that human, mirroring to the human the emotional charges therein, and will give selflessly of that charge, for animals are here to reflect to the humanity.

Makalii Rhiadra: That is wonderful! The mirroring.

ThothHorRa Khandr: In SL when people choose to experience animal avatars they are entering a realm of their own inner being to connect more deeply to that mirror.

CorianderShea Swansong: Is the concept true for those humans that choose to adopt spiritual precept energy into their own beings, examples being Egyptian gods (though not human persay ) and how they wore animal masks or beings such as the Beast?

ThothHorRa Khandr:
Yes it would apply…but on a more archetypal scale as they were representing the audience that beheld them. In other words the priests,etc wearing such masks and emphasizing animal “gods” were reflecting the human consciousness that they served at the time.

Now that the grids on the planet are in major re-alignment, humans will find that they must re-align their own inner grids as well. This will mean changes in how they perceive reality. It will also cause a great deal of “re-location” and travel on the planet, as some people will no longer feel connected to their current physical location and be drawn elsewhere. By the same token…some will feel connected to where they ARE more deeply than they did before.

There will also be a greater awareness of the power of certain locations on the planet. By greater awareness I mean that only a small percentage of the population of the planet now truly realizes that there are key energy nodes and grid on the earth, but as more natural earth changes occur, more people will come to realize the power of the planet to rectify itself if they but help it to do so apply sacred principle to connect to these energy nodes and release / adjust certain pressures.

However this is only one side of the coin. One must also release and adjust these pressures within their own being.

Makalii Rhiadra: Or is it possible that some will feel that it no longer matters .. because it is all the same now.. ONE.. and can work from any place. I mean not having to move to any place else.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Most certainly Makalii.

Makalii Rhiadra: BEing connected to all of these places at once.

ThothHorRa Khandr:
Ultimately it does not matter where one is outside but inside.

Makalii Rhiadra:

ThothHorRa Khandr: However many will still feel the outside and respond to that it is part of their process. Those who do not need to be in some location to feel the connection will ANCHOR that knowing for others as they move through their process to get there.

Creation Clarity:
Can you explain that a bit further please

ThothHorRa Khandr: If you feel you have no need to be in a certain place on the planet in order to be connected to the Earth and to your own sense of happiness and aliveness….

Creation Clarity: ok

ThothHorRa Khandr: then you become a LIGHT, a BEACON, and EXAMPLE for others.

Creation Clarity: I have a sense of not belonging anywhere – no sadness just a knowing.

ThothHorRa Khandr: They may still have to go through their process to some degree…but they will have a beacon to aim for.

Creation you are already where you belong…in the HEART of the DIVINE…you only feel not to belong when you attempt to compare your life to others.

Creation Clarity: Ok I see.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Then you will always seek outside yourself to feel connection if you always look outside yourself and say “why am I different – not like them?” The true LIGHT is within YOU.

Creation Clarity: Yes.

ThothHorRa Khandr: All else are reflections.

One thought on “Gathering with Illumined Master ThothHorRa in the virtual world of Second Life – March 3rd, 2010

  1. Thank you for these love sharing comments, ThothHorRa and to all those contributing in the expansion of heart knowledge.

    I am now going more and more within and begin to experience through feeling the inter- connectedness of all things. Last night (16 Mar) in meditation I was intuitively guided to say “Source I Am Presence”; instead of “My Mighty I Am Presence”. For I Am the Presence of Source experiencing in this realm of creation.

    Also, I have uprooted myself during this period of great change, from my job. Though the current job market is uncertain, I know I have created space for brand new flow of experience.

    “All life is one language of supreme love”

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