The Kuri – Na’vi of the New Earth Star

My Na'vi avatar in Second Life

As I wrote in a previous article on this subject, The Na’vi truly DO exist in the New Earth Star realm. My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa refers to them as “Kuri.” The key elements of both Pandora and the Na’vi themselves were picked up by the creators of AVATAR from the New Earth Hologram. This is a crystal-like hologramic network that is forming in the ethers of our current Earth, connecting “information” between the Old and New World of this planet.

I had received that the Kuri of the New Earth were not just blue, but changed color individually as they moved through stages of their growth. When they become “Ancients” they are snow white. However, when they are together in a synergic group (such as was seen in the movie AVATAR when the Na’vi linked together to heal around the Seed Tree) they will flash an arrary of colors together as a color code of energies moving through their bodies in concert with the Earth.

view my You Tube  NA’VI OF PANDORA

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